Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

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Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

Postby PhilipJFry » 27 Jan 2018, 20:42

We've recently updated the faf beta game mode with the upcoming balance changes for the 3696 patch.
Patch notes can be found here.
Nice video from Petric with detailed explanation can be watched here:
Spoiler: show

This thread is supposed to give the community a chance to provide feedback. Please do so in a constructive manner.
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Some tweaks are being planned for the OC against buildings. We will update the beta patch and patch notes when that is done.
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Re: Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

Postby Wesmania » 27 Jan 2018, 21:06

I didn't get to play it yet, but I'm worried about the percie / brick disparity. Percies already have an advantage of frontloaded damage, and with the range difference I'm worried that they will be able to fire 3 volleys at enemy bricks while kiting before the bricks even get to open fire.
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Re: Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

Postby Mach » 27 Jan 2018, 22:00

I think e storage should have more... e storage and more cost now that oc isnt just have-5k-e-storage-to-instakill-stuff or we will have more e storages than engineers on maps now
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Re: Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

Postby Yolo- » 27 Jan 2018, 23:03

I have some issues regarding the increased T4 buildtime.

Why are air and naval T4 bt's increased? What is the reason for that?
I understand that land T4s need to be changed after changing T3 land completly, but to change the bt for air and navy makes no sense.

More time for scouting an air T4 does make no sense, since air T4s usually only occur after an air win, and then it isn't really a surprise. Ahwassa and Czar already take quite some time to make, but now it's just too much. You have to gather so much bp and first of all invest in bp to make a fast air T4. With such a high buildtime you can't really utilize your air win with an air T4.

Now to the T4 naval bt increase. Why is an already quite useless Atlantis nerfed even more?

But the fucking most outrageous change is the Tempest bt increase. Just what the f*** is the reason behind that insane excessive increase?
From 14400 to fucking 42500?! Like wtf. I already made a thread about why the Aeon T3 navy is insanely bad and proposed an omen buff as well as Tempest buff, that was later discussed in the thread. (viewtopic.php?f=67&t=15524)
With this new bt change, Tempest is just completly useless, you can't even rush it anymore to defend a losing navy. It was one of the few things it had still going for it, the low buildtime. Otherwise that unit is just completly unefficient and terrible compared to almost everything else.
Also atlantis 14400 to 20500, tempest 14400 to 42500, what's the rationale for that?

I have some doubts about the land T4 buildtimes too, but I will watch some replays before I continue complaining. Those excessive air and naval T4 bt increases on the other hand make 0 sense.
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Re: Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

Postby Apofenas » 28 Jan 2018, 05:16

Absolver didn't get any stat change. But yet it was nerfed to what what use it had. It has 1300 damage per shot to shields. That was exactly the count for Harb shield(22% of total HP) and 100 more for Titan(34% of total HP). IN current values harb got mostly unchanged (24%), but Titan got most of it's HP in armor(18% in shield). Not like Titan was seing often, so as Absolver and especially Absolver firing Titans, but this was an interesting thing about this rare unit to take out shields from a bunch of T3 units especially if they got damaged but restored shield.

Why not readjust Absolver damage pattern to shoot 1000k dmg shots every 1.5 sec? May be add some AOE with firing randomness to Absolver to make it more viable against mobile units?

Finally Hoplites recieved some love. Now Titan/Loya don't catch them as easily and they outrange Percy/Brick by 3/5r! Could you do something simliar to Mongoose?

Why didn't you make all arties to have same range? What's the fucking point of it? Make them have similiar range ffs.

Also #BringBackOldMMLTItan!
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Re: Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

Postby ThomasHiatt » 28 Jan 2018, 06:52

Not related to balance but it is related to the patch. I've noticed that the rings (for build range, radar, weapon range) are significantly thicker when playing fafbeta and I don't really like them being so thick. This could be an interface option or something, but I would prefer the rings to be the way they were before by default.

Edit: Also overcharge hasn't been changed in fafbeta, it still does 12k damage for 5k power all the time. I was hoping to test OC, and OC SACUS, but I guess I can just use the mod for now.
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Re: Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

Postby Ithilis_Quo » 28 Jan 2018, 11:10

harbriner/titan - energy drain is unfair unbalace, its basicly 40m cost more for regeneration after battle that most of units didnt survivive. Titan same

Percival - such a uggly numbers are using it, balancewise it should work, but the hack why 1670dmg, 38muzzle (and not 40), where is feeling for beauty?

fateboy - will be too strong, while t3 units have owerall -25%hp, fateboy will be oweral 25% stronger against them. probablly even more.
yotha - why the hack 610dmg (and not 600), also will be probably too strong against T3

T2 transport - should not be visible on radar as specific transport bliss then it deserve nerf, but whiteout nerf nearly never used units? lats patch where units inside crete wreack was huge nerf of transport, this nerf it even more, and also 14,3speed? why not 14, damn :D

Ravenger - will be too strong, t3 units are much less powerfull, what great, but ravenger need be adjusted for it. EQ nerf T3 units less and this adjusting ravenger is forking good on it, UEF Ravager: 1800m 18000e 1500bt 7500HP 353dps → 1950m 19500e 1625bt 6500HP 253dps

T3 artilery - having 2 diferent range have same problem as have 4 diferent range only :2, Its same problem that ocur on half of factions. damn why not get same range for all

veterancy/overcharge - was geting from multiple time test version that work great and then every patch its more and more complicate, where will bett that none even from creator know how veterancy now work, only because refuse get it all at once. Dont make same mistake with overcharge, in eq it work, work it great, and what i read is exaktli same intention as its in eq. You dont need reinvent wheel, especialiy when will be as whell after 5 patch.

but overal it looks like very good and good damn needed patch.
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Re: Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

Postby JoonasTo » 28 Jan 2018, 12:11

These indirect mavor buffs, much :D

T3 arty, salva, game-ender build time needs adjusting to not render mobile EXPs too bad of an option on larger maps.
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Re: Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

Postby keyser » 28 Jan 2018, 12:13

ithilis => ... Structures
T3 Point Defense:

Mass Cost: 1 800 → 2 000
Power Cost: 16 000 → 17 600
Build Time: 1 500 → 1 800
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Re: Balance patch 3696 Feedback Thread

Postby Ithilis_Quo » 28 Jan 2018, 13:07

keyser wrote:ithilis => ... Structures
T3 Point Defense:

Mass Cost: 1 800 → 2 000
Power Cost: 16 000 → 17 600
Build Time: 1 500 → 1 800

200m and EQivalent energy and build time is nothing compare to dps. dps and range there is what realy matther.
eq have stronger t3, and ravanger lose 1000 hp and 30% dps and lets say its ok.
FAF ravenger will be too strong, i will bet that it was not tested, but you will see :)
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