new T3 tank

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new T3 tank

Postby Ithilis_Quo » 26 Sep 2014, 17:32

We recognise one big problem in nomads units set, that is weakness against experimental, and lack of strong T3 units.
This problem have two diferent kind of problem roots.
First one is technical, second psychological.

technical part

nomads have problem stay aginst experimental, because thay t3 units have 3500 hp and fall preatty easyli. and because thay own cheap experimental hane no plenty of HP. sacus arre effective but not as muth as mass t3 units or build fast exp.

psychological part

all other fraction have main T3 units on T3 land factory, on nomads its on sacu factory. what mean that 90% of player would try to found solution on T3 land what now doesnt exist . what in final thay lose, and break a hole under nomads and would not play them again. And it is logical consequence, because mass of peaple simply dont care about detail and nuance. Solution must exist on T3 land factory otherwise ppl would be hardly play nomads like other fraction.


I calculate numbers for new T3 units what can ideal fill the hole in nomads T3 army.
480 mass, 5400e, 2400build power, 5200HP, 2.7 speed, 80dps (2projectil for 8dmg every 0,2sec) 20 range +artileri suport ability.

on effectivnes it is very simiar units against other 480 mass category, but not for raiding but for making meal wall in front of novas and emp tanks. titan/loayalist vs this tank cca kill themself in simiar time (titan/loayalist slithli win). and its little bit more effective as T2 but not so much. This units can be spamm against experimental, because have plenty of HP can help longer what give time to novas tank, and distract experimental to fire on another units. same with normal T3 fight it give nomads some for guard T3 novas what is better like now must spamm T2 what extremly easy go down against exp. And ppl would be more familiar with this units like with neednes to make sacus because sacus are still rare and cant be then as balance fix only for one fraction.
how name it is on you. (ps Ithilis tank is great name for the tank) :D

bonus reason for that : another fraction now have 4-5 T3 units on land factory, nomad nove have only 3 units on land factory


apofenes have another good point about t2 gunship to rise hp to 1000 (because cost more)
and about not in all ship occur ship wreck.
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Re: new T3 tank

Postby Brute51 » 29 Sep 2014, 12:52

New tank introduced today in build 51. What do you think? (We didn't name it Ilthilis, sorry about that...)
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