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Tournament Code of Conduct

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Tournament Code of Conduct

A. General FAF Rules:
I. All games and activity conducted through FAF services must follow the general FAF rules described here:

B. What is an Official Tournament?
A tournament is considered official if:

I. FAF is offering prizes for the participants, including avatars, public funds, and other prizes. This does not necessarily include tournaments with a completely privately funded prize.

II. The tournament is advertised through official FAF channels, such as the What’s New page, website, and social media announcements. This does not include services that may be accessed by any user, such as the FAF forums and #aeolus.

III. Tournaments that go under 8 total “teams” may be subject to award restrictions if the tournaments were considered official prior. This will be up to the discretion of the Player Councillor.

IV. Private tournaments through FAF that are unofficial do not need to obey the following rules. Though any aspect that uses FAF games or services does need to follow general FAF rules.

C. Rules for Official Tournament Participants:
I. You will not manipulate your rating or other personal FAF data in order to gain a tournament advantage. This includes smurfing.
Any attempt to do so will result in a punishment decided upon by the Player Councillor and the Tournament Director in question.
You may also be punished by the FAF Moderation Team.

II. Any provable attempt to manipulate the results and/or bracket of a tournament, no matter how minor, will result in a punishment decided upon by the Player Councillor and FAF Moderation Team.

III. The Tournament Director is the law while a tournament is taking place and unless he is breaking FAF Rules or the Rules for Tournament Directors, you are obligated to obey their orders.
Any refusal will result in a punishment deemed appropriate by the Tournament Director with an appeal to the Player Councillor being possible if you feel you were wronged.
If you disapprove of a Tournament Director’s handling of a tournament, you can inform the Player Councillor of your complaints.

IV. A player always has the right to refuse to continue playing in a tournament and cannot be forced to by the Tournament Director.
He does not need to inform the Tournament Director of why he refuses to play if the player does not wish to.
Purposefully losing games will be punished, but giving up between matches will not. However, serial quitters will be considered throwers and punished similarly.

V. If you wish to appeal a Player Councillor appointed tournament ban, you can either inform the Moderation Team or the Player Councillor who will then discuss it with one another.

D. Rules for Official Tournament Directors
I. Tournament Directors are not allowed to play in their own tournaments unless given special allowance by the Player Councillor.

II. Results must be posted on the forums by a Tournament Director.
It must include the player names that have won avatars and/or cash, excluding the Tournament Participant avatar.
If this information is not provided, tournament prizes may be withheld.

III. Tournament Prizes awarded by FAF are subject to negotiation from the Player Councillor up to the start of the tournament.
If a tournament has too extreme rating variance, not enough game-time, or unfair rules, the Player Councillor is able to refuse awards for the tournament.

IV. You must have your tourney setup approved by an existing Tournament Director prior to hosting your first official tournament.
A list of Tournament Directors can be found on the FAF User Groups Wiki page.

V. A Tournament Director is obligated to obey the requests of a private donator to the best of their ability if a tournament has a private cash pool.
This does not apply to a private donator that is participating in the tournament. If a Tournament Director is unsure of a step to take, they can ask the Player Councillor for assistance.

VI. A Tournament Director is obligated to obey the requests of the Player Councillor or the Administrative Councillor if a tournament has public FAF funds.
This includes a situation where one or both are participating in a tournament. If a Tournament Director feels power is abused, they can inform the FAF Moderation Team.

VII. A Tournament Director will not manipulate their brackets, rules, maps, or other tools in order to give an unfair advantage to a certain team. If caught, they will lose all rights to host tournaments.

VIII. A Tournament Director has the right to: disqualify a person or team retroactively, eliminate a certain person or team from the tournament, force certain lobby settings, force map selection,
refuse to provide awards, and ban players from their hosted tournaments. Full tournament bans can only be instated by the Player Councillor.
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