Welcome to the COOP Forum!

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Welcome to the COOP Forum!

Postby JJ173 » 08 Dec 2016, 23:35

Hello and welcome to our coop sub-forum!

This forum will contain different threads about original and user-made coop missions that can be used to provide feedback and/or suggestions.

Changelog can be found here:

New mission makers can use this forum to show their missions for feedback. Users who wish to get involved with the internal discussions about coop, please PM a sub-forum/forum moderator (speed2, keyblue) with your e-mail for access to our Slack Channel. Please remember to follow the basic rules that are listed below.

How to make missions:

Basic requirements for dedicated thread:
  • Mission Title
  • Mission Description
  • Images
  • Videos (Optional)

Each mission will have one thread that can be used for:
  • Mission Suggestions
  • General Feedback
  • Bug reports

Basic rules to follow:
  • Do not spam forum posts
  • Please be patient as missions makers are trying their hardest to provide for everyone
  • Keep things calm and clean, discuss things pleasantly
  • You can have ONE forum thread per mission
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Feedback and Bug Reports

Postby speed2 » 16 Dec 2016, 18:41


Leaving feedback is important, especially for a mission maker! No doubt a mission maker would like to know what you thought of their mission so make sure you leave some feedback on their thread and keep it pleasant!

Bug Reports

Forum report
You can post the problem directly to the mission thread, make sure to follow these steps:
1) Describe the problem you've encountered as much as you can, what happened or did not happen, where in the mission, etc...
2) Include game.log if you encounter any bug or an issue with the mission.
  • Make sure you have saving logs enabled in the client. (Top right corner - Options - Settings - Save game logs)
    • The log gets saved every time you close the game. Always contains just the last instance.
    • If you didn't have saving logs enabled, you will have to play the mission again to get the log.
  • Click HELP - Show logs to open the folder with logs
    • or find the game.log here:
      Code: Select all
  • Upload it as an attachment to the post, or use http://www.pastebin.com

3) Replay file - all games you play are automatically saved in your computer and on the server (for coop it currently doesn't work 100% on the server, or the replay might be corrupted on the server)
  • Upload the replay as an attachment to the post
  • You can find the replay in the client (Replay Vault - Local Archive - Right click the replay - Show in Explorer)
    • Else the path is:
      Code: Select all

Github report:
Prefered place to report the issue is on the Github since that is the place where we coordinate our work and it will end there anyway. If you are at least a bit familiar with Github and you have an account there, you can post the issue directly to Github.
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