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RNGAI - AI Mod for FAF

Postby relent0r » 27 Apr 2020, 04:58

RNGAI is an AI mod for FAF
As of writing its been in development for approximately 6 months. My original goal for this AI was to create something that would fill a niche I felt was missing in FAF AI's at the time, which was the ranked style of gameplay. This is the gameplay style I love but the realities of age and families limits my time to play. A heavy focus on the early tier phases with use of the ACU in combat.

Requires AI-Uveso to be enabled and generating pathing markers.
This requirement is due to most modern maps having no pathing markers for AI, also because RNG leverages some features that Uveso has that are not in the main FAF codebase yet.

Installation - RNGAI is available on the FAF Vault. Search for 'RNGAI', when you see angry robot you've found it.

20km map support is still relatively recent but its designed to play a little differently than the 10km and below style of gameplay.
General notes.
ACU combat still has a long way to go. So the AI ha a weakness in this area thats easy to exploit. My goal is to use the ACU in combat more compared to other AI's which creates obvious risk for it.

What this AI is and is not
IS designed for the smaller maps with a focus on 5km and 10km. I've recently completed the early stages of 20km support.
IS designed for early tier focus. It will not put out higher tier units that it doesn't have the economy for.
IS designed to play like me, its impossible to make an AI without it resembling yourself in some way.

NOT designed for mods. It is focused on getting more out of the default unit set and as such I don't intend to support modded units. There are other AI mods that do that.
NOT designed for turtle maps. I've built this AI with ranked style maps in mind. If you want to play astro or gap of rohan, there are other AI's which are better at that style of gameplay.
NOT designed for unit restrictions. Setting unit restrictions will only result in degraded performance.
NOT designed for experimental wars. There are other AI's that do this better.

Team game support. RNG has some support for team games and can perform relatively well in 2v2 or 3v3 situations.
Other AI support. RNG is compatible with other AI's. Though it has alot of customised AI functions. I've tried to make the AI the last to load so that other AI's won't overwrite global functions that it needs.

Map Suggestions. These maps are ones that were focused on during testing. The common trend is open land maps, except in 20km.
Williamson's Bridge

Crash Site
Mavys Marsh
Cadmium Green
Daroza's Sanctuary
Desert Castaway

20km (limited support)
Crossfire Canal
Strip Mine / Flooded Strip Mine
Point of Reach v4
Seraphim Glaciers

Economy Multiplier Suggestions.
0 -> 300 - 1.2
300 -> 600 - 1.4
600 -> 900 - 1.6
900 -> 1200 - 1.8
1200 and above. Chances are you don't play AI.

Special thanks to
Uveso, Sprouto - Without these two I'm pretty sure the 3 months I thought it'd take to make an AI I was somewhat happy with, would have been more like 3 years.
Azraeel - Provided great competitive motivation.
chp2001 - Provides mathematical and gameplay advice far superior to mine.
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