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Re: AI-Uveso (v73). AI mod for FAForever

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2019, 21:36
by relent0r
Uveso wrote:
relent0r wrote:Hey Uveso,

Did you make any changes to the ACU priorities in the last update? Noticing the ACU's are more inclined to walk into turrets until dead where as previously they would retreat within a safe time frame.

I did not change the ACU attack function, but i will take a look at it.

Strange, could have been map specific or the ACU thinking it was a base attack.

Re: AI-Uveso (v73). AI mod for FAForever

PostPosted: 02 Oct 2019, 21:29
by swaaye

Your AI is a very entertaining adversary! I've been testing it a bit myself, watching it beat Sorian AIx Turtle, and have played a online game against Overwhelm with a friend last night. Lots of fun! I loved seeing the AI nuke an experimental group!

Do the Adaptive and Overwhelm AIs still differ in their nuking as I saw in some older posts? Overwhelm did send some nukes but I feel like it was less than 10 total. On the other hand it is totally crazy about its airforce! Which is cool and very effective.

This was on Adaptive Ahssa-Shi (because I saw you recommend that map for AI use and it's fun in general).

Re: AI-Uveso (v73). AI mod for FAForever

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2019, 09:22
by Uveso
Hello swaaye,

I am glad you like my AI.

The adaptive and overwhelm AI are almost the same, exept that the overwhelm can change the cheat+build factor.
Both AI can build up to 8 nuke launchers.

But only the adaptive AI can building up to 25 launchers in case a paragon is present.
The Overwhelm is not allowed to build so much nukes because the higher buildfactor also builds faster nuke missiles.
And you will not survive 25 nuke launchers that can build missiles 3 times faster then you. ( at least i can't :D )

The map Adaptive Ahssa-Shi is from svenni_badbwoi. You should also try his map "ADAPTIVE MARS - MANGALA FOSSA"
Here are some more maps from him:

Just in case you don't know it, my AI has a automatic AI path marker generator.
It can build AI marker on 95% of all 5x5 and 10x10 maps.
So you can basically use almost every map in the vault with my AI. (also naval maps)
(you can enable the markergenerator in the game lobby -> AI options)

Greetings, Uveso.

PS: If you want to know more about our AIs, join us here:

AI Development Discord Server (AI-Swarm / AI-Uveso)

Re: AI-Uveso (v74). AI mod for FAForever

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2019, 14:50
by Uveso
Update 30.Dec.2019(v75)

- New: Added a function to create a threatgrid with waypoint marker.
- New: Added option for debug the new threat system.
- Opt: AI program threats are now started sequentially to avoid lag.
- Opt: Factories will be placed with more space between each factory.
- Opt: Transporters will unload their cargo faster.
- Opt: Optimized function to get locations for the AIbuildmanager.
- Opt: ACU upgrade needs now 90% mass storage for AI Rush
- Opt: Unit Platoons will change formations on moving and attacking.
- Opt: Changed land and air attack platoons for earlier attacks and mass hunt.
- Fix: Nuke launchers will now fire a missile in case the launcher is full.

Re: AI-Uveso (v76). AI mod for FAForever

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2020, 00:04
by Uveso
Update 13.Jan.2019(v76)

- New: Platoons now has different tables for MoveTo and AttackPriorities
- New: Optimized engineer function to reclaim mass
- New: Timebased debug print to the log every 30 seconds with memory and task data.
- Fix: Map validator spots empty adjacentTo table in markers again.
- Opt: Tweaked the nuke function for better target selection and chainfire (overwhelm)
- Opt: Cleared all game patch functions that are already merged to FAF game
- Opt: Cheat build factor will now be equal to cheat eco factor. (they should always be the same!)
- Opt: Reclaim cleaner function now works global and not for every AI
- Opt: Factory have now a greater distance to each other when constructed.
- Opt: Debug view of waypointes now only displays debuginformation from the focussed Army (AI)
- Opt: changed Air platoons to attack the enemy base more frequently

Re: AI-Uveso (v77). AI mod for FAForever

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2020, 01:01
by Uveso
Update 13.Jan.2019(v77)

-Hotfix for Total Mayhem

Removed special platoon builders for Total Mayhem because they need Total Mayhem version 1.37 (not released yet)

Re: AI-Uveso (v77). AI mod for FAForever

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2020, 18:07
by tekno640
I've been using this mod with some friends for some time and I must admit, great work. the ai handles much better and noticeably utilizes some tactics I would not expect from a strategy ai in a million years. I'd love to offer some feedback on the mod based off tests we've done if its at all helpful. we've done this testing with and without mods, different maps, and with and without your autogen marker system (which is brilliant by the way).

first off, a bug. seemingly randomly (hosted same match with same settings over and over, adjusted marker settings, different maps, different ai's, ect). the AI won't 'initialize'. or simply put, the ai wont do anything, they'll sit at 0 points (unless a scout wonders by their ACU and the glack it) and don't move or participate in the game at all. we've not managed to find any correlation in what's causing this and are still looking for a hint in the post game logs as to why the AI have decided to give up. hopeful either you know whats causing this and are working on it, or we discover the cause on our end to help out.

as for feedback. something we've noticed the AI in uveso does on occasion the default game and soreans did that hinders them abit. they don't have air units on patrol, and instead park them in their ebase till needed. this results in traffic jams and factory stalls and delays units getting to the front lines, as well as poor response times. I propose having the ai have any 'idle' aircraft be on a patrol around there base and that the IA build an air staging in there home base to accommodate.

another thing we've started doing to get the most from the AI that your mod allows is lowering the unit cap, normally to half or a 3rd of the players cap, and having either twice as many AI (ideal if the map supports it) or double the cheat multiplier. what this does is it forces your AI to operate off of a lower unit cap, and not overbuild there base and send in more units. the reason we do this is the main cause of late game lag/slowdown (the pathfinding improvements are very noticeable and are great by the way) si due to the AI building to clustered and inefficient of a base, which results in very complicated pathfinding for units that are built trying to get out. this si an issue stock and sorean ai also suffer from but is mitigated by the AI not technig up and reacting slower so this is never the bottleneck (plus stock pathfinding slcant navigate the map, let alone there base). wondering if it would be possible to implement some preset base patterns (obviously customising entire abses would remove mod compatibility) or make some 'spacing' between buildings mandatory for.

Edit: just realsied weve been running on version 75 for most recent wave of tests. in which in 76 some of the 'base sprawl' issues like facotry spacing may have been mitigated. keep up the good work.

Re: AI-Uveso (v77). AI mod for FAForever

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2020, 03:06
by Uveso
Hello tekno640;

thank's for your first post after 6,5 years here on the forum. i am honoured! :)

One of the main bugs why the AI won't run was on adaptive maps in case massmarkers where added or removed.
Patches for the adaptive map script will be included soon in the new mapeditor from ozonex.

More info can be found here: ... issues/115

Another bug that was caused by the ACU-warp-in animation is also fixed in version V76.
Let me know if this still occurs and on what map.

The AI is already building Air Staging Platforms, but it's hard to not let them land in the base.
That's because if a platoon can't attack it will return to the main base and disband the platoon, so the AI
can use the free planes for a bigger platoon or a platoon with different plane types.
This will not work if the plains are still flying around the base.
Also let them land outside the base will not work because they need to be inside the range from the locationmanger of the base
or the AI can't form new platoons with those planes.
I don't have an idea how we can fix this easy, but i have this in mind.

I have added several buildconditions for a low unitcap. So my AI also can handle a cap of 125 units if you want.
Most testgames i do are with 600 unitcap for the AI.

Have in mind if you use multiple AIs. Every AI has its own and slow Buildcondition monitor.
Also every expansion has its own platoonbuilders that needs to be checked from the brainconditonmonitor.
So if you want a faster game, use only 1 AI and allow only 1-2 landexpansions.
If you need to use more then 1 AI, then reduce the Land expansion at least to 2.

In general the game can handle up to 2200 units in the first hour of the game. (Player and AI together)
So try to set not more then 2000 units for all players and the game should not slow down too much.
Also my AI version v78 (not released yet) has some hooks/functions to speed up the lategame.

Thank's for your feedback!
If you want to join us on Discord (i am only texting there, not using voice function)
I am mainly in the #discussion-about-ai channel.

Have fun and enjoy the game!