Some feedback

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Some feedback

Postby SpoCk0nd0pe » 13 Jun 2017, 20:12


since Exotic_Retard invited me to post some feedback on EQ, I would like to give my 2 cents. I found my way back into playing FAF and I would really like to try EQ. Please note that atm this is purely from looking at the changelogs, I haven't tried the mod yet!

My two main complaints are:
Please implement engies not breaking trees and area commands.
Area commands are around in RTS since Homeworld, implementing it is long overdue. It's not going to mean the end of the world for the pro's: Manual reclaim is still better, it's not dumping down the game (as much as SCII not being limited to 12 units at a time is not dumping down SCII).
Learning tree groups is just silly and frustrating. It has nothing to do with RTS skills, it's like playing flappybird in the background and loosing resources every time you die.
If you are concerned with the early game becoming too boring and simple: encourage more lab play! Microing labs is 1000x more interesting then clicking the right tree groups from the right move distance and clicking rocks really fast.

Please remove the 'every factory should drain the same resources' feature. I know it is at the core of EQs unit changes, but it is a bad move imho. It really removes skill ceiling in a bad way. I think knowing how to prepare your eco for certain units is part of playing at 1600+ rating. It also decreases faction diversity. For example: I think it is o.k. that Percies are stronger then Bricks in the base game (because of the lack of direct fire experimentals). Instead of giving them the same dps, you should make Percies build slower so they hit the field at a slightly later timing (you could also very slightly slow their movement speed).
I would rather like to see different build time and resource drain used more as a balance tool!

Lastly and with favourite faction bias: Sera has the best arty as a theme (except maybe T3 static). It is compensation for having bad tanks. Please keep it that way (and buff their T3 arty).
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Re: Some feedback

Postby RocketRooster » 13 Jun 2017, 21:48

I'd have to say 12 units at a time is a highly audacious move, seeing as most starcraft players only have 10 fingers.
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Re: Some feedback

Postby Exotic_Retard » 13 Jun 2017, 22:13

ok so me and spock already talked about some of these so let me just address everything briefly.

the feature requests arent really worth it. Those are fairly controversial features and they wont bring in nearly as many players as they would drive away. so yeah.

about the factories. hmm thats interesing, i havent had a complaint like that before.
first to clear up some misconceptions:
the changes in eq arent that big. for example, the t3 land factory:
faf: titan: 18m/s 202e/s percy: 19m/s 210e/s
eq: titan: 20m/s 250e/s percy: 20m/s 200e/s

so looks like eq actually has more difference in drains, in a way. really the kind of differences in faf arent enough to do anything even close to what you describe. in eq there are things like hover units needing more energy, and artillery units needing less mass, and everything else draining a number you would expect

actually i think i said enough at this point. tldr i guess is to try the mod, in eq the drain values are varied in a way that promotes exactly that, but done so in a way that makes sense, according to unit roles. also there are some issues with using bp as a balance tool - see exps.

and about the t3 arty - maybe, but i certainly never noticed that trend, and it would need a good reason for it. the t3 arty is actually pretty good for sera already.

tldr, do play the mod before judging by its changelog, so far in my experience pretty much no one made judgements accurately on eq, simply because they missed something while reading.
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Re: Some feedback

Postby SpoCk0nd0pe » 14 Jun 2017, 00:20

Thank you for your reply!

Yes, we talked about the QoL changes. I just wanted to put it out there hand hope for more support :)
I really don't think it will drive people away once they notice their manual reclaim BOs are still superior, they can still break their opponent's trees with scouts and they still have to click the tree groups (and knowing them is still advantageous). The experience will just be less frustrating for everyone getting into the game.

Maybe you should reweite the part about factory resource drain in the changelog. It is kind of missleading and may leave the impression that you are reducing faction diversity. In the example of the brick and percy, I would still prefer another solution then make them the same, if only for appearance sake.

Yes, I haven't tried the mod but all the points I tried to address are abstract ones. I do not feel I have the general skill level to really judge the strength of units from just playing anyway though, so all my posts about balance are usually about abstract direction.

Sera t2 static and t3 mobile arty have the best combination of accuracy, damage and AoE. Brink has a unit video showing it, the stats support it. And I think it makes sense since the tanks are a little worse then other factions units. Having the overall 'best' t3 arty makes sense because they don't have a mavor/scathis/salvation.

Are you sure an OC buff is desirable? I always thought that the commander combat strength was seen as somewhat problematic, especially in the t1 stage in team games. Coms where seen slightly too strong against units, promoting turtlish playstyles. This change should also leave more wrecks which tend to favor the defender.

This is more of a question then feedback: I usually have problems shielding my naval HQ because the beach doesn't allow it. There seem to be differences in orientation as well. So the right spot on a map may have more problems shielding their naval yards then the left spot or beach vs rock on setons etc. I never saw it in a replay. Could you elaborate on the notes regarding naval HQ change, especially the cybran one?
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