Equilibrium mod overview

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Equilibrium mod overview

Postby Exotic_Retard » 04 Jan 2017, 15:48

Welcome to the equilibrium subforum!

This is the home of the balance terrorists people who work hard to bring you better balance to both your games and put some stability in your life!

Equilibrium is a featured mod so simply select it in the play tab and host a game with it!

However, if you wish to play with other featured mods then you require the sim version. It also might contain other fixes that are not yet in the featured mod version since it can take some time to update on the server.

You can find this mod in the mod vault under name: Equilibrium_Beta in the mod vault.

Here is complete change log that describes most of the changes, even excel version with all unit stat can be found in mod files (units stats.xsl).
The complete changelog is way too long to read, it's only there to searching for specific information.

What this mod is all about:
Spoiler: show
The purpose of this mod is to fix the existing issues with the game, and make improvements to gameplay by increasing its strategic diversity, while keeping the overall feel of the game the same and familiar, so you don't need to relearn the game to play this mod.

All units are now useful - and not just in one specific way, you can now build beetles for things other than snipes!
Veterancy overhaul. No more crazy instant-healing, all units gain vet points based on mass killed, and level up based on their own mass price.
Experimentals are no longer a cheese unit. Thanks to the veterancy changes, and build-time adjustments they are a true T4 unit, not some win/mass donate mechanism.Choice is now a thing in this game! No longer is it obviously good to build one unit at a time or play the same way every match. You now have options available to you at all stages of the game. Try new things, be creative, there's plenty of room for that in this mod.

Survival manual (things you might need to know before the start of a game):
Spoiler: show
1. Mercies deal damage over time! Moving targets receive only a fraction of the damage.
2. Submarine warfare: Subs now counter suface ships; Sub Hunters counter subs and destroyers counter sub hunters!
3. Mass storages provide less adjacency and any mass stored in them is lost when they are destroyed.
4. RAS energy income has been nerfed, don't reclaim your pgens afterwards!
5. T4 units take much longer to build. Get t2/3 engineers, they are more efficient in this mod.
6. Veterancy doesn't instant-heal units anymore, don't rely on that when attacking with experimentals or your ACU.

You can preview all the changes in the mod right here:

Lastly, if you are interested, be sure to leave feedback for us in this forum, we welcome any and all suggestions, thoughts, and complaints!
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