Operation Trident

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Operation Trident

Postby speed2 » 03 Jul 2019, 21:08

Operation Trident (on map Cepheus)

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  • Author: speed2 (map made by Blodir)
  • 2 players max
  • Faction: Cybran


As usually the dialogues are just place holders. Report any bugs or suggest improvements. Post your replays.
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Re: Operation Trident

Postby ZoXoR » 09 Jun 2020, 23:06

Hi speed2,

Just played Operation Trident with my mate, but it seemed bugged at the end. Killing the Atlantis did not seem to trigger the next phase in the game.
Replay URL is https://content.faforever.com/faf/vault ... d=11916838

Thx again for making this! Was fun to play!

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