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Test My Mission: ThetaCivilianRescue

PostPosted: 19 Jun 2016, 22:46
by KeyBlue
Hello ,

I've made a small mission on Theta.

Some Cybran scum have kidnapped civilians from one our settlements. Our intelligence officers were able to roughly pinpoint their current location. It is your job to go in and rescue them. We don\'t want to give them reason to retaliate later on, so the weaponry available to you, will be restricted. Good luck out there, Commander. Bring them home safe.

It's single player at the moment (since its so small anyway), but I can probably add more players later.
Multiplayer player is possible now! With added challenge when playing with 3+. (adding AI players will spawn ACU that do nothing but will scale the difficulty. So you can challenge yourself by adding dummy players.)

I put in some restrictions but am not sure if enough or too little.
For those that don't like that you can just capture the neutral building near your spawn, to unlock everything. Or for testing purposes.
No more restriction removal.

Since this is my first mission, it probably is far from perfect. So i would like it if some people play it and give me some critique.
Replays are welcomed, so I can see how the best play and make adjustments to make it more/less challenging.

Just unzip the file and put the folder with your other maps.
most likely here: Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Maps

For people who don't know how to coop, you can take a look here : viewtopic.php?f=42&t=11868

Hopefully this is enough information to be able to play it.

Now download it and go have fun!
The mission is available in the lobby! Coop Missions > Custom Missions > Theta Civilian Rescue



EDIT: Add changes pointed out by speed2

EDIT2: Changes to unit spawn and extra transport restriction to avoid ninja captures

EDIT3: Allow coop up to 4 players

EDIT4: Increase difficulty somewhat + extra defenses to decrease downtime in coop + no more restriction removal

EDIT5: Remove bad Monkeylord ending, if you kill it, the fun keeps going. More experimentals will come!

EDIT6: Monkeylord madness assured!

EDIT7: less punishing, by rewarding completion of first mission in time with less drops.And more recover time after experimentals.

EDIT8: Added video and audio to the dialog. (no need to do anything extra, just keep everything inside ThetaCivilianRescue folder)

EDIT9: The mission is available in the lobby!

No more attachments. You can download it from the dropbox link above. Just play it from the lobby.

Re: Test My Mission: ThetaCivilianRescue

PostPosted: 19 Jun 2016, 23:58
by speed2
Table with human player
This table is no longer needed in the script. I should say it can't be there. It was moved into coop mod and it's populated when game is launched.
Code: Select all
ScenarioInfo.HumanPlayers = {}

Spawning player's ACU
You can replace this code
Code: Select all
ScenarioInfo.PlayerCDR = ScenarioUtils.CreateArmyUnit('Player', 'Commander')
   ScenarioFramework.CreateUnitDeathTrigger(PlayerDeath, ScenarioInfo.PlayerCDR)

with this:
Code: Select all
ScenarioInfo.PlayerCDR = ScenarioFramework.SpawnCommander('Player', 'Commander', 'Warp', true, true, PlayerDeath)

Check how SpawnCommander function works here:

Warning when intiating armies
I've noticed some warning when launching the game. This can't be fixed in the editor, you need to edit save.lua, look for plans and set plans for each army to:
Code: Select all
plans = '/lua/ai/OpAI/DefaultBlankPlanlist.lua',

That will eliminate them.

Using Corsairs
Since patch 3652 you should be able to use corsair without the need of making custom platoon. Use 'CombatFighters'

Re: Test My Mission: ThetaCivilianRescue

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2016, 00:32
by KeyBlue
Thanks for the fast response, speed2.

Everything worked perfectly and i will update my mission in the original post.

But i have a question:
How do you get the list of humanplayers now then? Cause without me setting
Code: Select all
ScenarioInfo.HumanPlayers = {}

I couldn't use ScenarioInfo.HumanPlayers to get that info.

Re: Test My Mission: ThetaCivilianRescue

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2016, 04:25
by speed2
If you have the lastest version of coop. Line 15 and 26

Re: Test My Mission: ThetaCivilianRescue

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2016, 13:08
by speed2
It's bit too hard on hard I'd say :P I've noticed you have trigger for quite heavy T2 tanks push when player has 10 mobile units? Or something like that ,not even when playeer has T2 units.

After 3 attacks from different direction of always around 10 units, huge army came from the bottom, 10mantis, 10labs, 10 arties, when I defended it with my last units, those 10 T2 tanks came in from the top and killed me. It was like min 10max

I recommend some playtest by yourself to see what you've set there :D

Re: Test My Mission: ThetaCivilianRescue

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2016, 13:40
by KeyBlue
Mmh I'll take a look.

I mostly tested with medium as I didn't want to make it too easy for the better players. (hard was just some more difficult values)
But i'll reconsider the values and check it out myself and try to make adjustments.

Thanks for the feedback.

Re: Test My Mission: ThetaCivilianRescue

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2016, 16:14
by KeyBlue
Okay I played some games on hard and found the issues.

The army spawn of 10 T2 tanks only happens when you have T2 units now, (would previously also be triggered by T2 mex)

I also noticed a mistake with spawning a patrol of 250 artillery instead of 25 in the second part of the mission. This should be fixed.

I wasn't able to complete the mission due the time constraints. I almost made it in one of my runs so it is completely possible on hard, you just need to be more efficient with your units than me :D.

The T2 tanks patrol can be quite tricky, but you just need to use your acu to fend of the first attacks, (OC ftw)
Don't rush T2 on hard unless you can support it is the main thing here i would say.

I think the time limitations are pretty doable. And unless nobody is able to do it on hard, i don't plan on increasing the time limit.

I posted the new version in the original post.

Re: Test My Mission: ThetaCivilianRescue

PostPosted: 19 Jul 2016, 21:25
by KeyBlue
multiplayer test

EDIT: This is original version but with coop possibilities

Re: Test My Mission: ThetaCivilianRescue

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2016, 14:04
by KeyBlue
This is the latest version.

The difficulty is increased a little.
Added some extra defenses incase of 3 or more players, hopefully this will decrease the downtime somewhat.

I'll add this version to the original post aswell.

Re: Test My Mission: ThetaCivilianRescue

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2016, 23:36
by KeyBlue
Next version

I removed the bad ending you get after killing the Monkeylord.
Now it keeps going but more and more dangerous stuff keeps coming. Like mega's and bricks and more monkeylords and more megaliths and ...

Again i'll update the file in original post aswell