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Aus/NZ FAF Discord

PostPosted: 14 Jun 2020, 09:03
by beno_83au
Hello FAF community. I am Millenwise, owner of the Aus/NZ FAF Discord server, and I'm here to give a plug to our community. We started as a fairly small group and grew slowly. But the server has now passed 500 members, and I recently re-did the server to be more presentable and to match our growing base, and so here we are:

We have games up almost every night and it's not uncommon to see 2 or 3 games running simultaneously, especially on the weekends. The server is also host to the [ANZ] clan. I like to promote an open, fair and casual experience and have run a number of tournaments in the past to try and foster a friendly and casually-competitive atmosphere (if combining opposing descriptors is a thing here). Right now, we're at the back-end of a 1v1 tournament with three brackets to cater for differing skill levels, but I recently hosted a "COVID-19 v HUMANITY" themed weekend event for some fun team games (humanity won, fortunately).

So, if you're looking for some fellow countrymen to play with/against, come and say hello.

We also have a few members from outside our geographically isolated region, but due to that isolation connections aren't always great (and is the main reason for this server's existence). However, anyone is welcome to come and try their luck and we do have a few regulars from around the world.

Cheers, and enjoy!

Re: Aus/NZ FAF Discord

PostPosted: 14 Jun 2020, 11:23
by nine2
Since I joined the discord FAF has been much more enjoyable for me. I used to spend 2 hours getting a game, getting kicked from lobbies. Come join us where games happen fast - where things aren't taken too seriously. Sometimes we fill mulitple 16 player games.

Re: Aus/NZ FAF Discord

PostPosted: 28 Jul 2020, 07:08
by mirddes
The number of players from the greater Asia Pacific gradually starting to trickle in is very encouraging. An oceanic ICE adaptor TURN server will be greatly appreciated by a large number of players :D