ASF fly higher than Ahwassa

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ASF fly higher than Ahwassa

Postby codepants » 03 Apr 2015, 23:45

Ahwassa can get instant air control with stop-bombing. Not cool. If ASF flew higher than it, this wouldn't be a problem.

"But panties, why is that a problem?"
- Every unit in the game has a natural counter, and no unit can mass efficiently counter its counter. This is what makes the game so engaging -- there is no "build this and win" (excluding metagames on turtle maps like Thermo/Gap where the first team to make a t3 arty wins), nor is it rock-paper-scissors. The game is about scouting and using your mass better than your opponent.

The counter to AW is ASF. Stop-bombing kills all ASF chasing a AW. It's hard to do right, sure, but I don't think we should reward people practicing micro with instant air control. I don't have a problem with stop-bombing, actually. If you want to spend your APM that way, go ahead. But stop-bombing t1 bombers kills some engies, some power, and maybe gets a vet or two. It doesn't kill everything that could possibly kill the bomber while vetting it 3x. Stop-bombing a AW does this.

I suggest changing the height because I'm guessing making stop-bombing impossible is impossible and because I don't actually have a problem with stop-bombing, just that it can kill 150 ASF and if done properly is impossible to avoid.


***Corrected from Yolona to Ahwassa. No excuses. I briefly hid in a corner.
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Re: ASF fly higher than Yolona

Postby TheKoopa » 03 Apr 2015, 23:48

Hmm, never knew Yolona Oss was mobile.
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Re: ASF fly higher than Yolona

Postby Ceneraii » 04 Apr 2015, 01:09

You can easily counter this by paying attention to your asf and not flying underneath it also you mean asswasher, yolona is the exp nuke xD Anyway, it's 10x more difficult to bomb asf with an ahwassa than it is for asf to not be in the position to be bombed.
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Re: ASF fly higher than Yolona

Postby da_monstr » 04 Apr 2015, 02:39

While a neat trick, it's infinitely annoying and even hard to watch from a neutral standpoint. Ahwassa bombing ASF is one of those things that are not necessary for fun gameplay, just like insta-heal on veterancy.
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Re: ASF fly higher than Yolona

Postby belatedcube » 04 Apr 2015, 02:55

you should specify whether you are talking about the ahwassa or yolona oss because ASF already fly higher than the yolona oss.
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Re: ASF fly higher than Yolona

Postby IceDreamer » 04 Apr 2015, 15:16

I like it. It's hard to pull off and will rarely happen or be effective. This is one of those quirks of a simulated engine which sets SupCom apart without totally destroying gameplay.
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Re: ASF fly higher than Yolona

Postby rosh3000 » 05 Apr 2015, 21:20

dito to what IceDreamer said
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Re: ASF fly higher than Yolona

Postby nakeddave » 06 Apr 2015, 14:54

It's a miserable 'feature'. Just because it's non-trivial to do doesn't make it okay to occasionally kill 100ASF with an abuse of the game engine. Especially in this case, as doing it will probably give you air control so your vetted t4 bomber can proceed to bomb the enemy unopposed, it's hugely significant, and *does* destroy gameplay. The unit is perfectly viable without this.

It's not fair to say it's just a natural, realistic consequence of simulated projectiles either. I'm all for projectiles colliding pseudo-randomly with things, but if you want realism it is simply absurd that fighters wouldn't fly higher than the bomber they're trying to bring down.

It's just another stupid trick to play on people who haven't seen it before, like groundfiring the czar used to be. If this happened in beta for any serious game it would just get patched out.
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Re: ASF fly higher than Yolona

Postby Vee » 06 Apr 2015, 15:03

It's not actually hard to pull off, and it is definitely effective. Awassa is overall OP, like a t4 strat.
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Re: ASF fly higher than Yolona

Postby speed2 » 06 Apr 2015, 15:04

first fix that bomber so it drops when you simply click on target that is across whole map THEN we can have any further discussion about nerfing it, thanks
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