Reduce fighter to Experimental damage.

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Reduce fighter to Experimental damage.

Postby LabPunk » 24 Sep 2019, 20:21

There is currently a thread open about a rebalance of the CZAR, however there is simply a bigger problem with air experimentals an general. Even the highest HP air experimental, the Soul Ripper, gets too easily destroyed by ASF.
If ASF, swifties, and interceptors did substantially less damage to these experimentals, then they would become more viable, while AA emplacements and mobile AA could still destroy them.
As it stands however, with the exception of certain rare long ladder games, air experimentals are almost never cost effective.
This is why a game could see 20 land experimentals, and finish with t3 stationary arty without a single air experimental entering the game.
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Re: Reduce fighter to Experimental damage.

Postby keyser » 24 Sep 2019, 20:24

PR that we will investigate back for this patch.
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