T1 subs

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Re: T1 subs

Postby UnorthodoxBox » 12 Oct 2019, 06:31

I do not think anyone has ever built subs intending them to eat dps from destroyers, and if they have, frigates have more hp for a lot less mass.
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Re: T1 subs

Postby Evildrew » 13 Oct 2019, 00:21

You will want to look at the damage done by the torpedoes that are fired by different units if you want to find a workable solution. Torp launchers do 150 damage per torpedo, while subs do 75 damage. This plays a lot into the balance when you line up torp launchers, frigates and subs in head to head situations.

Buffing the damage done by sub torps would maybe improve the balance vs frigates but it would affect subs vs torp launchers in a bad way.
*One solution could be that you could add torp defences to torp launchers to mitigate some of the buff done to the damage dealt by subs.
*Another solution would be to increase the hp ratio per mass on torp launchers. That would make them better vs frigate which some people have called for in the past iirc.
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