Proposed Frigate Rework

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Re: Proposed Frigate Rework

Postby keyser » 10 Sep 2019, 18:21

Bennis- wrote:Blodir I disagree: I think the risk of teching higher tier (Power and BP investment mostly) should be rewarded with a unit that is stronger over lower tech in terms of mass efficiency. Its a straightforward principle that you find in all areas of faf: pgens, tanks, planes, all. Just with frigates counterintuitively you dont have it and unaware players are tricked by that and lose to frigates (me).

I think thats counterintuitive and therefore should be fixed, much as the reclaiming mex thing is counterintuitive and should probs be fixed so peope spend less time zoomed in their base and more time microing their units.

change my mind.

well then i'm waiting on you farming rating by doing 100% frig spam (and the odd torp to kill subs)
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Re: Proposed Frigate Rework

Postby BlackYps » 10 Sep 2019, 18:24

The higher tier units are stronger, just not in hp for mass. I don't see the fun in spamming 100% Battleships. The frigates can stay relevant for the entire game while the other ships are still quite valuable.
To me it just seems like you are salty because you lost to frigates. Why do you refuse to build frigates late game? You already discovered that this is the solution to not lose to your enemy's strategy.

By the way, the Cruiser having missiles is also "counterintuitive" like in fact all the stat details on all units. At some point everybody has to have a closer look at the stats, if they want to play on a high level.
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Re: Proposed Frigate Rework

Postby ZeRen » 10 Sep 2019, 18:30

so in setons there is just masive frigate spam throught whole game? hm... looks like I played different setons
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Re: Proposed Frigate Rework

Postby UnorthodoxBox » 10 Sep 2019, 18:40

30 mantis will kill a percival, but it doesn't mean mantis need to be reworked, nor does a percival. I know this analogy does not work very well because percivals can have titans to deal with t1, but I think it is an important comparison. If one player makes 200 frigates and 3-4 battleships, and the other makes 6-8 battleships, but only 60 frigates, then it makes sense for the overwhelming number of frigates to win, thats like 50k mass in frigates.
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Re: Proposed Frigate Rework

Postby Steel_Panther » 12 Sep 2019, 20:39

Blodir wrote:Frigs are my favorite unit in terms of balance. They are useful throughout the game without making other units useless at all. I wish I could say the same for land and air balance.

This makes sense. I dont have a big problem with t1 units still having a place later in the game, but it is just a bit counter-intuitive. We are all used to just building only the higher tier units at every other stage, so navy is just opposite. We'll laugh at the noob who keeps spamming mantis after they hit t2 or t3 land. But I cant think of a good way to make lower tier units still viable for land, or air. Except where t1 arty and bombers can still be useful.
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Re: Proposed Frigate Rework

Postby Dro » 12 Sep 2019, 22:33

Except people still spam t1 arty at all stages of the game pretty much and t1 can still be useful in the form of labs or someting.
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Re: Proposed Frigate Rework

Postby snuffles » 13 Sep 2019, 15:10

When was the last time something was done to Frigates, in a patch? Seems to me they've been missed!
Play the Beta.
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Re: Proposed Frigate Rework

Postby LabPunk » 15 Sep 2019, 21:19

I like how this would make the Aeon Beacon even more useless.
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