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Do T3 eco HP values make sense?

PostPosted: 28 Jul 2019, 13:06
by LabPunk
The values are

A|6.2k hp
C|6.0k hp +20hp/s
S|7.0k hp
U|9.0k hp

I understand why the values differ, but the way in which they differ seems to me to be unbalanced.
The cybran t3 pgen and mex can be destroyed by 1 tml, it takes 2 tml's for all other faction.
UEF, Seraphim and Aeon strat bombers can kill the Cybran structures with 2 bombs, practically 3 for UEF considering the regen.
It takes 4 Cybran strat bombers to kill the UEF structure, or 3 to kill any of the others.
Is this balanced considering the Cybran stealth strat and split tml?
The values for Aeon and Cybran seem too low to me.

Re: Do T3 eco HP values make sense?

PostPosted: 28 Jul 2019, 15:33
by Mephi
Yes, it is intended. The goal is to improve faction diversity and nerf cyb without touching their playstyle. Uef is kown for tankyness so their buildings are also tankier, cyb is more fragile but gets regen to kinda make up for it. With the changes cyb are vulnerable to eco and hq snipes esp. by tml.

There were also some ideas to add more diversity to the buildings of sera and aeon, however none were implemented. I have no idea why anymore though. In case youre having ideas feel free to share.