Usecases for the Billy Nuke

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Re: Usecases for the Billy Nuke

Postby armacham01 » 17 Sep 2019, 04:47

I used it against fatboys, that was effective. I used it against navy. I tried to aim outside the range of TMD (they were aeon so i guess they get less range, but I wasn't hitting them with the full power of the nuke). I'll bet it works well against subs and other submerged units.

Even if your opponent has some TMD, there may be an angle where their stuff is open to attack. Isolated mexes can be vulnerable.

I've tried to "walk" in billy nukes by aiming in front of TMD's effective range so the billy doens't get shot down but the blast still does damage. Not sure how well that works and under what circumstances (probably not at all if the TMD is under a shield)

I haven't really tried this, but if you made a number of regular TMLs, maybe you could overwhelm the TMD and sneak a billy nuke through. For example, if you fired 8 regular TMLs just ahead of your billy (both in terms of time and in terms of target placement), maybe that would knock the shields down and distract the TMD so the billy nuke might do some real damage.

If an enemy ACU (or some other high-value target) was out in the open, maybe you could use a billy nuke to wipe out flak with them to set them up for a gunship snipe.

You can always try to time the launch of the billy nuke with an attack designed to knock down TMD, like a corsair snipe or strat bombers.

If you already have billy nukes, firing off a few might be a good way to distract your opponents while your team does something sneaky.

(Edited to add: after attempting it more than once, I would basically never make a build around getting billy nukes. It's not like a telemazor where there's a big chance you can swing a game at a key moment. It is just something I might get late-game if I already had a sick air grid, and lots of energy to spare.)
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