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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Khrone » 25 Sep 2019, 13:42

(only to take my thoughts into consideration for possible change or to clarify on information I'm missing out on that makes the meta fair)
(I'm not expecting change :') )

Issues I want to make aware that I cant find on the internet. Problem being that of the Aeon Acu's Rambo combat effectiveness. I've tested all 4 Acu's and from descending order from strongest to weakest Acu are,

Cybran Acu - Effective in health attained through upgrades, stealth and 4000 dps microwave weapon (able to kill a GC, if positioned behind the GC and using overcharges.)

Sera Acu - Super Nano upgrade, double gun upgrade, highest regen, high health, massive dps, 1600 I think.

UEF Acu - Shield, Nano repair and +dps gun upgrade. can excel through billi nuke (long range)

Big Rant Incoming!

Aeon Acu - Nerf on shield, has omni range and gun speed upgrade. Aeons first shield upgrade is weaker then the uef's shield upgrade, double shield much weaker then the vanilla, not much different then the Uef's shield, bubble shield stronger then the aeon double shield. Aeon commander doesn't do enough dps to another commander with nano repair as the other Acu has higher health regen then the dps of the aeon commander even with overcharge thrown into the mix.
I understand that the Aeon commander has the strongest early game effectiveness but it is completely blocked out by the Nano upgrade.

Aeon commander upgrades that are never used. AOE pulse that does small damage and stuns near by units. this upgrade is never utilised in online.

I also understand that the Aeon commander is more effective in Ras and ARas unfortunately the Sera Commander can do that too and it is the second strongest Acu and would be the strongest if the cybran commander didn't have a 4000 dps beam.

I would like to see unutilized Aeon Commander upgrades to be swapped out for more appropriate offensive (Rambo) upgrades. I wouldn't even care if the salvation is taken out of the Aeon with the useless upgrades and the upgrades that make the Aeon Rambo commander more effective to be higher in cost

- Revert aeon commander shield back to the original or increased to (shy face) 68,000 hit points - increase cost (as the aeon commander could be more tanky, with the price of the personal shield upgrade as well as energy to run the commander shield. other commanders have higher HP then the aeon commander.
- A better source of damage, double dmg gun upgrade with 2 levels of rage increase upgrade - make more expensive in cost

Aeon are my favourite, but not utilizable to match my Acu play style and in my opinion seems unfair.

vanilla showed Arnold using his aeon Acu to spear head the assault on black sun, not to be seen by any other race.

would like to hear your thoughts on this

apologies for facts like dps numbers HP numbers and upgrade names I didn't use, wrote this in class XD
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby UnorthodoxBox » 25 Sep 2019, 17:12

Khrone wrote:Aeons first shield upgrade is weaker then the uef's shield upgrade, double shield much weaker then the vanilla, not much different then the Uef's shield, bubble shield stronger then the aeon double shield.

The first aeon shield is about 3/10ths the power cost and about 3/5ths the mass cost of UEF shield, and is only around 40% as strong hp-wise. I think this is fair, it allows the aeon player to get a fast shield upgrade for an instant 8k hp in about 1 minute in the early-mid game (note: the time of the upgrade is important, 8k hp is not that great at minute 25 for example). No other faction gets such a cheap and effective health boost that can be used within the first 12 minutes of the game (UEF nano is more than half the cost, and only gives 1500 extra hp, and a measly 50 regen, Seraphim first nano is a little more expensive, and gives 2k hp and 70 regen, but the aeon shield regen is 30 on top of the 10 base regen). Of course, shield health does not increase with veterancy, but nearly doubling your HP pool for only 1300 mass and 35k power is extremely powerful when done early. As for the aeon heavy shield upgrade, it costs the same mass, and only 11k (10%) more power than the UEF first shield, yet it has 6000 more HP.

I see you are mainly talking about having super powerful rambo acus, but aeon upgrades create such a big advantage (its gun upgrade is even longer ranged than the other 3) in the earlier stages of the game, that also having upgrades on par with sera double gun or cybran cloaked laser would skew the balance.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Turinturambar » 25 Sep 2019, 17:31

you seem to be mainly interested in super rambo lategame-coms. but in reality you allmost never see them, because its just a bad idea to use your acu agressively lategame. you will die to 2 exps, to 20 percies with shields, to 20 strats....
that was the reason why the old aeon 2nd shield (60k Hp) was a useless upgrade. whe you could get it it was already too late for rambo coms and it was never used except to prevent getting sniped. (plus in that stage of the game its easy to get anti rambo measures e.g. pd+shields or snipers)
if you want to think about rambo acu balance very lategame is not the thing to look at. if you look at midgame you will see that a properly microed aeon 2 gun 1 shield com is insanely strong, not only because you can get it early and deal dmg for free (because it has the highest range), but also that the shield recharge time is pretty low which can be abuses pretty well.
on a sidenote, dont bother even mentioning cyb lategame rambo com (with cloak,no cloak is just a joke), because it has 0 regen and can be used only once the entire game.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby BLITZ_Molloy » 27 Sep 2019, 17:39

The early Aeon ACU is amazing because of the relatively cheap combination of Enhanced Sensor Range, Ranged Gun and Aurora. You can melt almost anything else in the early game on a small map using these effectively. The ACU should be weaker later to make up for this.
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