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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby TheKoopa » 24 May 2019, 01:33

You forget sacus are mobile, don't have to wait for engineers to come to build stuff, have more hp, can further upgrade themselves (ESPECIALLY concerning RAS), and are generally much more survivable, while also having the ability to be hidden underwater and around the map.

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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby UnorthodoxBox » 24 May 2019, 01:44

I figured that was a given that did not need to be mentioned.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby ThomasHiatt » 24 May 2019, 01:44

Just remove RAS SACUs from the game, they are cancer and against the spirit of the game anyway. ez solution
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Farmsletje » 24 May 2019, 12:23

how dare you
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Little Miss Murder » 24 May 2019, 13:25

ThomasHiatt wrote:Just remove RAS SACUs from the game, they are cancer and against the spirit of the game anyway. ez solution

My eco is bad enough as it is
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Elusive » 25 May 2019, 06:15

Little Miss Murder wrote:Can we please discuss the teleport target bubble?

I'm told that telemaser was OP and that fixes it. I don't have enough experience to understand that claim but I do know that it is now pretty useless. Telesnipes are next to impossible and very risky if you do pull it off, your com is at the mercy of gunships at the like who likely knew you were coming.

The one pro bubble argument that is compelling is the fact that tele is a very effective paragon neutralizer. But I wonder, how hard is it to protect your paragon from telesnipes? If you can build a para, you can build a pd or two. I dont know if the para can tank an ACU explosion (I assume it can), but if that is the case, why not increase its HP or such so that it can tank not only the explosion and two or three seconds of mazer fire. That allows the paragon to serve its purpose without taking away the tactical use of teleport as a whole.

Ime, tele is a death sentence these days unless you get lucky. I wish it was more accessible, I'd use it much more often.

Protips, when you teleport in you can then imdiately start chargeing too teleport out, although you cant move while chargeing your teleport, all your weapons will fire and target normally. This minimises the time you are vulnrable.
Also, people often pay close attention to their acu if they expect a telesnipe, however people tend to pay a lot less attention even just a little furthur away from their acu, so if you teleport with the enemies acu closer to the maximum range of your laser you can sometimes catch them totally by surprise, Just be careful to make sure there are not too many shields between you and him.

From my experiance, telemaser has two main uses. One: to punish players for being careless, the cybran equivilent of mercies you could say. And two: "if im going down, your coming with me".
Ignoreing the second one because, well, the assumption there is you have pretty much lost the game anyway, the first one does give you a small window to deal a very large amount of damage. Even if you cant hit an acu you can find unguarded buildings like mass fab arrays to blow a hole in their economy, or maybe a HQ to cripple their ability to build strong units.
Regardless of what you do, the important thing to keep in mind is that the telemaser is not a primary weapon, it is exclusivly a tool for takeing advantage of holes in the enemies defence to assist your main attacking force. If that hole is an an undefended acu, then yeah thats ideal, but even just blowing up a mass fab array can be worth the investment, doublely so if the enemy overreacts by spending mass on PDs everywhere.

On engie stations and SACUs, in older versions of faf the seraphim and aeon had its engies have a higher BP than other factions due to not haveing any engie stations, while this was considerd overpowered, at least op enough to be removed, there is merrit to the basic idea. A suggestion, keep aeon and seraphim t1 and t2 engies the same BP as other factions, but buff the BP of t3 engies and SACU. Im just going to pull numbers from thin air to use an examples, but lets suppose that we buff the t3 engie by ~16% to a BP of 35, the SACU by 25% to a BP of 70, and the SACU engie upgrade from a 1.75x multiplier to a 2.0x multiplier for a BP of 140. No change is very large, and the t1 and early t2 stage remain entirely unchanged, its only in the lategame that the changes begin to have any impact, and thats just to let aeon and seraphim keep up.

We can also still go furthur, some people want seraphim SACUs to have a ras upgrade, some people dont. Its possable to (kind of) do both while still keeping faction diversity by changeing the seraphim SACU engie upgrade to fuction as both a BP upgrade and a weakend RAS upgrade that only provides half the income of other SACU RAS with the upgrade cost alterd to be at a slight drop in efficiency compared to other factions.

FInaly, even if this is a little besdies the topic, add a regeneration aura upgrade to seraphim SACUs. Pretty please :3
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Cyborg16 » 26 May 2019, 08:42

ThomasHiatt wrote:Just remove RAS SACUs from the game, they are cancer and against the spirit of the game anyway. ez solution

Yes please.

Perhaps give all SCUs a small power production (+200) and remove SCU RAS. This makes pgen snipes survivable and makes SCUs only useful for non-eco stuff. Possibly buff the power production to +500 with the build power upgrade which may be useful with navy, but no mass.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Plasma_Wolf » 28 May 2019, 15:47

The nuke balance is being changed with the build time and build rate. Are you going to do the same with the Subs and the sera battleship? I know that these generally appear later, mostly because of the cost of the T3 naval HQ, but it might still be worth considering. Especially if somehow the changes to the nuke build time also affect the sub's nukes. Pretty sure it won't because they're different 'units' but still please check :)
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby JaggedAppliance » 28 May 2019, 22:08

Naval nukes are unchanged.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby FunkOff » 28 May 2019, 23:39

ThomasHiatt wrote:Just remove RAS SACUs from the game, they are cancer and against the spirit of the game anyway. ez solution

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