Patch 3703 Beta

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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby LabPunk » 14 Apr 2019, 12:56

Cybran and UEF T3 gunships will no longer chas air units which fly past.

Can't we do the same for t2 Fighter Bombers?
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby LabPunk » 14 Apr 2019, 13:00

Puschkin wrote:I am a bit puzzled about the T4 changes. Am I reading those numbers right? Scathis Maximum Firing Range: 300 → 2000 !? The Disruptor has a range of 850 ... the defining gimmick of the Scathis is that it can move, why would it need to do that now with such a range? It was also labelled as a Rapid Fire Artilillery, which it isn't anymore either.

The Scathis was broken, it has been un-broken. This change has been teased on the forums awhile ago, most people were strongly in favour of this change.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Resistance » 14 Apr 2019, 13:05

i feel like schatis is now even worse tbh,i wasn't frequently built back it times,now,when it's mass prices is even higher,it's way easier to counter it,as u just don't have the necessary options to deffent yourself,while building it,not even speaking about 9k it can be killed by 5-6 strats(make it sure),it was bad before,now it's just worse imo,it's kindda good now,when swiftwinds are getting nerfed,and u might have a chance to do smth against them,i aslo appreciate the buffs on support units as mobile shields,aslo the balance with tml-s is also gorgeous,as it make the game way more complex,as u can't just throw tmls and ruin them game for 2-3 ppl,just because they didn't make tmd's in time(thx for tmd buffs as well).
to my mind,the buff on t2/t3 engies(m.speed),was not vital,we were used to bigger=slower,and this will kill some of timings usage,hope it will get fixed back,other changes are okey,and they were needed before,good job mos.
P.S. waiting for more!
*time to hunt smurfs*
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby AIx_Putin » 14 Apr 2019, 14:01

NOTES: 10 000+ games total in FAF
i agree to most of the changes to the game coming soon but OMG WTF what i see in the end of the list:
NUKES = BuildPower: 1080 → 1890 Missile Buildtime: 324000 → 567000. No doubt nukes were too easily to assist to launch them in a very short time and this must be fixed, but not with so stupidly big change by almost 2X. now u make nukes absolete investement instead of slight change for balance.
1) Fair change would be NUKES = BuildPower: 1080 → 1350 Missile Buildtime: 324000 →405000 = 25% increase both parameters.
2) Totaly not agree with TML cost inrease - must not be changed
3) Novax it is very cheap and efficient weapon, which annoy even when built only 1 unit. Totally agree with all the changes, except Damage: 50 → 60 - DO NOT CHANGE DAMAGE. it is overpowered to the current price.
4) Not listed unit but require change to the cost of all T3 arties by +15%. explanation: after early rush game stabilize at t2 t3 tech on battlefield, later short part with EXPerimental wars, next T3 arties, because there is no sense to do anything else. t3 arties too cost\firepower efficient in comparison to anything you could do.
5) Not listed units but require change to the cost of all T4 arties by 15% and paragon by +15%, also increase paragon health by 1000HP.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Apofenas » 14 Apr 2019, 15:32

On the nuke assist nerf. I like the direction of this nerf, but why wasn't it done the EQ way? Nuke BP 1080->1200 and SMD BP 1080->800. It doesn't nerf the nuke assist as much so you still get a solid boost from build power so Nuke assist would stay a thing even though it would be less efficient. Meanwhile as counter play the opposing team would have higher chances to defend from nuke rush via throwing everyting into SMD assist. This is better than just removing nuke assist from a game.

Beacon Class. This is ugly way to fix things. This was me who suggested the change and i made a mod which fixed aeon torp defence for Beacon and Exodus. The problem with these units was that the projectile is too slow so it causes torp defence to do random shit. For example when 2 Exoduses try to deny t3 sub torps they throw projectiles in opposite direction from torpedo... For same reason Exodus can't protect nerby units and thus stack torp defence when there's multiple destroyers. So i made aeon torp defence behave just like one sera destroyer, gave it to Jagged... and he fixed Beacon torp defence leaving Exodus untouched. Ugh!

As it was mentioned. Beacon class is still much worse that other frigates. Could it please also get cost decrease to 250 like Yolo suggested a way back?

Renegade. So you fixed its targetting so it can shoot while moving now. ok. Why does gunship with lowest hp and dps need a cost increase?

Wagner. 6->15 damage whoa! That is 7.5 DPS still. Very damage much threat! The problem with Wagner that even if it could kill t1 sub mass for mass it would still be useless since t1 sub is generally piece of crap. Wagner could get 15 DPS with 20 range (from 32) and water vision 15 (from 20). It would let t1 subs deal with this unit from range, meanwhile Wagner would be a little bit better than causing ACU to regen slower.

Engineers. I like the speed increase, but the range increase to 7.5 for T1 and 10 for T3 would be much better for these. This would allow higher tech (and bigger hitbox) engineers to start structures further away and prevent situations when your t3 engineer gets stuck in army of t1 engineers. Ofc some may say that it could be avoided by microing you engineers... but hey! we are dealing with retarded SC:FA pathfinding! Engineer may just think that building is 1cm further than its max range and come as closely as fcking possible to the queued building.

Eye of rhianne. Did you think that instead of adding a built-in storage to Eye, you could just make it consume less power? For example 3800e so you don't need a storage in a first place to activate it.

Restoration field. I love this change. Although i think the Restoration field was already a strong upgrade. It just was other-upgrade-that-isnt-gun. I mean t2+restoration field don't work together very well since structures don't get a regen boost, nor regen field gets anything from T2. If you make gun+t2 you just use additional regen and hp in combat.

So what if Restoration field was on left hand and T2 was on right? Instead of common gun-T2, seraphim would get gun-RF.

Scathis. The model has 6 barrels and current version makes 20 shots per salvo. Not 18 so it is 3 per barrel, not 24 so it is 4 per barrel, but 20. grrrrrr :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Freaks me out as much as if Pillar made a third shot from unexisting barrel.

Spoiler: show
ofc i have other complains to it, but does it matter anymore?
BalanceVictim wrote:I tried it out, and yes, the anti-torpedo is a useful tool now. Sadly, the rest of the unit is still extremely weak compared to any other frig
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Katharsas » 14 Apr 2019, 16:17

stormbeforedawn wrote:I am stuggling to find the purpose and need behind the nuke, tml, t2 arty and swiftwind changes. The rest seems really good, but the others seems to be trying to fix problems that don't exist.

Exactly. Well im fine with t2 arty min range, but whats is the reason for nuke, tml and tmd changes? Seems way too drastic.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Sladow » 14 Apr 2019, 16:23

I kinda find it too overpowered for the Harbingers to shoot and reclaim, either reclaim or attack is in my opinion better.

Wagners make too much damage in my opinion, that's a big buff for a T2 unit + you can reach T2 now sooner since the buildtime for T2 fac is now lower.

The tmd buff is kind of shit. Tmls are useless in many situations if your oponnent can get a tmd really quick, I don't think that has to change.
And maybe improve the behaviour of the Aeon tmd? Rockets can still hit necessary shields or other important subjects after they got attracted by the tmd, it's kind of bullshit if your base gets killed by tml if you still have tmd online.

I'm not a big fan of the nerf for the loyalists, the thing with the EMP is better now since stunning exps or ACUs is just overpowered, but in my opinion a small buff would make it better.

My last thought are the Ilshavoh (Hate incoming lol). Maybe nerf the build time a bit? Siriously, for T2 these things are beasts in a group, Idk about obsidians (OC rules lol) or rhinos coming in, but these things cause trouble.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Rediska » 14 Apr 2019, 16:34

Hey guys.
I really like that you are asking about our opinion. I like most of a changes but have some questions:
Mongoose If it gets buff in damage, I dont agree about accuracy and contrariwise. Looks like OP especially with speed buff. "Tanks NOMO!" buff.

Novax Not sure about vision and radar, but it is rare guest in a game. Time will tell.

Scathis This! IS! Tough!!!
Yeah! I like Cybran, I like Scathis, I like range buff, I like any buff of them, but... Did u do some tests? Anyone? Anyhow? Its look like that in a game Scathis will make too much problem with micro for players. It is not so much damage, but too much frequency and range. That will make TOO MUCH point of problem. Im really sure that after 5-6 firings players will have no any shield and any engineer that can build it. U can be even a supercomputer AI, U can be even FAF's №1, but U cant micro under scathises rain because U'll have nothing to micring :lol: I saw how YUDI made a shield field from nothing under heavy pressing of salvation, I saw how ppl holded under modern scathis with a single shield. But they had a strong buildpower, but this buff Im sure will make your buildpower to zero in 5 shots. Real game ender :D
I suggest to make a little less range but decrease shells to 12 or 6 like barrels and increase reloading time twice or even tripple.
I adore FA.
But I have all the right to hate it because I cant really play any other RTS anymore because of it. They looks like small boring sandboxes without sense. Thank you genious Chris Taylor!
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby justawesome » 14 Apr 2019, 16:40

The Scathis is a gameender once again. It shoots a volley of 20 shells with a huge AoE every 20 seconds.

The spread of shells need to be looked at, as at medium/long range hitting the target is extremely random.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby keyser » 14 Apr 2019, 16:57

I will talk only for 2 changes i made there and were argued over.

fx for regen aura :
i tested yellow, it wasn't as good to spot the unit and felt overall less good than the green colour. Also green is an overall colour linked to health/regen buff (healer spell etc). Also didn't want to have a flashy fx either, so a bit of smog seemed to do well.

torpedo changes :
goal is not to make them strong, just more relevant in specific situation. Eg you won't fight back a navy or spam amphibious unit to get back into the navy game. It's more situational occasion : eg forcing an undefended ACU out of the water, keeping an army of amphibious safe from free dps of few subs

I'm still listening to your answers.
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