T2 shield disruptors for Cybran, UEF and Seraphim.

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Re: T2 shield disruptors for Cybran, UEF and Seraphim.

Postby biass » 18 Nov 2018, 05:30

Yeah, why argue with the dude who says vipers get countered by tmd? I dont know, maybe because everyone is really only posting here for the sake of comedy. Soon we will learn that t2 pd creep is just really too good against mantis and we are literally back a few years with lichking.

If you gave a single shit about your idea op you would have made that mod by now, it's literally a copy paste job and a few line changes as far as I'm aware, instead you continually put yourself up to be mocked because of your blatant misunderstanding of rts know how and then soon the balance councillor (who you're supposed to be petitioning in this forum) will just remove you entirely because your posts are just that bad. Yes I am aware it sucks to be told that you don't know anything and you cannot comprehend why, but plenty of info about basic rts theory exists on the internet, I suggest you start looking for it. It will help your gameplay too, and everyone likes their pointy wointys

The next forum post I want to see you make is the declaration that you made the mod and you petitioned some of your gap buddies to help test it out and you have replays, not a carcass of a 1v1 scenario or even worse, trying to tell half of the ladder team what the current pool is at the moment.
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Re: T2 shield disruptors for Cybran, UEF and Seraphim.

Postby Deisu » 18 Jan 2019, 19:54

Sorry for the necromancy. Didn't realize how old this thread was.

ThomasHiatt wrote:I do think it would make sense for cybran to have a shield disruptor rather than aeon.

Super this. Or at least SOME useful tools for disrupting fire bases. Once upon a time someone said something like "Cybran MML are good at busting firebases" But if you actually get into a bunker busting firefight in any way, you're just wasting mass. Between T2 shields, T2 arty, and T2 TMD you can never build enough cybran MML, shields and stealth to protect them (#T1 scout spam) so it ends up just being a big mass sink in most cases right up until the UEF guy you're fighting gets Ravs, or assuming you're fighting someone else they just build some T3 land bots and zerg you.

I have experimented with using Mantis + Fire Beetle + Medusa spam on low-mid fortified UEF bases, and it can work if you can get the fire beetles in to EMP PD and take out shields. But its risky and only some of the time dislodges the opponent. You're just as likely to feed mass as you are to disable the fire base.

biass wrote:Yeah, why argue with the dude who says vipers get countered by tmd?

TMD alone won't do it. But you'd be a fool to be using TMD alone to stop MML spam. You use T2 arty for that. Leaving alone how great Aeon TMD is, the Cybran MML is still not a good T2 combat unit so once you build a bunch you're left with a mass sink, and it still does not outplay a good couple of UEF shields, a hand full of UEF TMD and a few T2 arty to fire back.

The Cybran are both bad at busting bunkers and at building them. Which is I do not think is good balance. There are parts of this game where you have to confront your enemy head on, and right now there isn't a good way to do that for Cybran unless you pull back, tech for Bricks, and ram their fortification that way.

Also, since I'm sure someone at some point is going to mention it given how the last few pages went lets cover two things:

1. I don't need to have a big score E-Peen to have some idea about balance. I've been playing this game for years and lets be fair here you don't need to be the best player in the game to understand how it is balanced and why.
2. The idea that we shouldn't look at all at fire bases because they aren't common in 1v1s is stupid. Team games are a big part of Soup Commander and fire bases show up consistently in them so we should figure out how we want to manage their presence in those games.
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Re: T2 shield disruptors for Cybran, UEF and Seraphim.

Postby LabPunk » 21 Jan 2019, 19:40

Change fire beetles into anti-shield mercies.

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Re: T2 shield disruptors for Cybran, UEF and Seraphim.

Postby OmegaMan » 04 Jul 2019, 02:29

T3 Arty is almost useless vs firebases with any t2 Arty. My thought is: they get frontal facing armor shield, just like real artillery. Which would reduce damage by 75% from 120 degrees frontal. They would gain a lot of sticking power but flanking them would still be an easy kill. Random distribution would mean they still lose to in range t2 Arty as half the shots would hit behind.

Is there any code on game to determine what direction a unit is hit from?
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Re: T2 shield disruptors for Cybran, UEF and Seraphim.

Postby Franck83 » 04 Jul 2019, 12:58

Yes, i already made a mod with different front/rear/side damages.
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Re: T2 shield disruptors for Cybran, UEF and Seraphim.

Postby UnorthodoxBox » 04 Jul 2019, 20:34

T2 arty is 2000 mass. I think it’s fair that once you spend 10k mass on 5 t2 artys, it will be harder for t3 mobile arty to break it. Also you can have like 3 t3 mobile arty for every t2 they have.
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