Do you even Nano??

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Do you even Nano??

Postby ColonelSheppard » 13 Nov 2018, 02:51

Nano-Repair System:
NewHealth: 2000 → 1500

In what world was the Nano-Repair system overpowered, good or even just freaking viable?
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Re: Do you even Nano??

Postby FtXCommando » 13 Nov 2018, 05:23

The one where it’s made every game if you play UEF
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Re: Do you even Nano??

Postby Mountain » 13 Nov 2018, 07:58

even after the nerf nano repair is op
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Re: Do you even Nano??

Postby Plasma_Wolf » 13 Nov 2018, 08:58

Welcome back to FAF after almost 2 years. You must have stopped playing and put all focus in the forums for a bit longer than that, and missed the Nano changes. :)

Here nano was changed to give a static boost in HP, nerf in regen and a cost reduction, most importantly in energy, so that it would be viable. I think the most recent patch is the only change since 3662, because it became clear just how strong it was.
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Re: Do you even Nano??

Postby Swkoll » 13 Nov 2018, 17:22

This surprised me too when I saw it but now nano is super good as a late t1/ t2 stage acu upgrade. Gun + nano has largely replaced t2 + gun in the uef meta for a combat acu.
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Re: Do you even Nano??

Postby Morax » 13 Nov 2018, 19:38

Sera nano gun t2 still the most fun!
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Re: Do you even Nano??

Postby ZeRen » 14 Nov 2018, 09:19

Swkoll wrote:This surprised me too when I saw it but now nano is super good as a late t1/ t2 stage acu upgrade. Gun + nano has largely replaced t2 + gun in the uef meta for a combat acu.

yeah and Cyb has to turtle with shitty PDs, so called ofensive faction, so sad

at least if those PD would balanced mass/dmg, so cyb would have to buld 2x more PDs for same dps per same mass
before some says that Cyb PD never miss: Sera PD have this too (little worse sure, but much better then Aeon) and like 2x DPS of Cyb´s PD

in team games is not hard to do def upgardes, so cyb has only 1 option T2 PD, this why I like maps like Cannis, HIlly, Pyramid, Cyb dont have to use ACU there and can rush T3 land + T4, only stage of game where Cyb is good (+ mantis stage of course)

all so I point out, that lot of player complain Mantis be OP, but dont care about shitty ACU and PDs
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