T3 air OP

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T3 air OP

Postby ZeRenCZ » 07 Oct 2018, 08:52

I heard that you nerfed T2 trans, becauses inties had hard time to catch them, ok, why didnt you nerfed strats as well?
T2 Transports:

Mass Cost: 300 → 330
Power Cost: 12000 → 13200
Speed: 15 → 14.3

here is video link from Gyle cast, Wifi built strat that just flying all around the map, killing many MEXes and inties just folow him like a shadow doing nothing

all so ASF is too fast compare to intie
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Re: T3 air OP

Postby FtXCommando » 07 Oct 2018, 09:09

u ever look at the cost of a strat
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Re: T3 air OP

Postby JoonasTo » 07 Oct 2018, 09:51

Patch 3650 (August 19, 2015):

Strategic bombers (all factions):

Increasing the energy cost of strategic bombers to avoid the ability to rush them so easily.
Energy cost: 105000 → 144000
Build time: 8400 → 9600

That happened so they didn't get a speed nerf.
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