Will balance ever be "finished"?

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Will balance ever be "finished"?

Postby AdmiralZeech » 28 Aug 2018, 08:08

Hi, in the minds of FAF developers (and also FAF players), do you think at some point in the future, you will declare, "Ok, this is close enough, let's leave it alone from now on."

Or will you be tempted to start adding new things, shake up the meta, tweak up underused (but otherwise viable) options, etc?

Do you see a good, stable, unchanging balance as a positive thing, or a boring thing?
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Re: Will balance ever be "finished"?

Postby FtXCommando » 28 Aug 2018, 08:11

Can’t imagine any temptation to add stuff existing. Unless you consider bugfixes as adding stuff.
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Re: Will balance ever be "finished"?

Postby keyser » 28 Aug 2018, 13:50

current position of balance team is to go toward the "finished" version of the balance (although it is very hard to reach that perfect balance, and we could go on tweaking toward it for 10 more years). One of the rules is to not make a change if it is not needed.

I know there is people in this game, and in the council (eg : icedreamer) that would like us to take the other option. To make Big shift in the balance once in a time, just to shake the gameplay. Like you can see in famous game like starcraft 2 for example. This would possibly lead to an increase of competitivity, having to relearn the game, so top player can always be challenged. It would also possibly lead to an increase in popularity, introduction of fun unit, with more lazer, flametower, unit that walk and transform into gunship (we got this units posted in the forum and in different mods already)...

Some people (eg : morax, blackheart) already "blame" balance team for changing the game too much, leading to some high rated player to leave because "they don't want to learn the game every-time". There are some mods like BH's mod, that feature the balance from some time ago.

I think balance team tries to keep itself in a middle between those 2 opposites point of view.
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