Cybran Aircraft Carrier targeting issue

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Cybran Aircraft Carrier targeting issue

Postby Oeterama68 » 25 Mar 2018, 00:07

Since thread in general died down (never took off actually) I figured I'd post it here. Cybran Aircraft carriers are extremely bad at hitting certain things that are not in their face, so I did some testing (feel free to +10 it). Turns out past roughly 60% of their range orso they become almost incapable of hitting pretty much all transports and gunships. They perform decently against most other planes. I'm pretty sure this is a bug/balance issue so I figured I'd post it here.

Some notes;
Since it occurs past roughly 50 or 60% of their range, this puts a massive handicap on their effective range (since the outer parts of the circle make up for the majority of its surface area)
As more or less a dedicated AA unit, there's no sense for it to be incredibly bad against the very thing it's meant to kill.
Aside from gunships and transports, torp bombers seem to do rather well in avoiding their fire as well which is kinda ironic if you ask me.
I forgot to test with sera air units but I'm pretty sure they have the same issue, even if they didn't it would still be nonsensical.
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Re: Cybran Aircraft Carrier targeting issue

Postby keyser » 25 Mar 2018, 01:04

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Re: Cybran Aircraft Carrier targeting issue

Postby JaggedAppliance » 29 Mar 2018, 14:08

Fixed in beta.
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