Stealth vs Jamming

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Re: Stealth vs Jamming

Postby Iszh » 22 Jul 2015, 10:17

But the jamming icedreamer described would just create a unit radar picture somewhere else arround and hide the original unit. This cant be the intention of a jamming. What he described would be even higher than both, it would be the combination of stealth and jamming. The original unit is hidden but able to create illusions somewhere else. The target of creating mirror images only without stealth would be more likely to hide the true number of incoming units. The problem atm in the game is that the jamming pictures are all the same spread and always the same number. Additional they are gone forever and ever if scouted once.

The problem that it is not renewed after beeing scouted it exactly the same like stealth. If the pictures are renewed it does not really matter if the unit itself is shown or not. It is not stealth, just creating artificial radar pictures. The way to improve it would be that the number of units is hidden. Less cant be since you cant hide the units of an army but the target should be to mess up the enemy and create more pictures to make the enemy think there is a big army where is nearly nobody. Thats already in the game but the problem how the pictures are shown and why it is so easy recognizable is for example the unit movement and the spread style.

There should be following improvements:
-Fix the bug of never refreshing stealth and jamming effect if not scouted (i thought maybe with the pulsed stealth that would be possible to do this but isnt working obviously)
-More realistic spread of units. Randomly sitting them in moving positions like a real group of units and not so randomly spread means in formation in blocks etc. (for example let the pictures go together in formation with the jamming unit so it looks like an army going)
-Randomly created numbers of mirror pictures not always the same number.
-Fix the bug that units are primitiv turning arround the jamming unit while the unit is turning. a child can see which is the jamming unit and which are the pictures :D
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Re: Stealth vs Jamming

Postby yeager » 22 Jul 2015, 17:09

Keep in mind jamming isn't supposed to be as good as stealth, otherwise uef would be the best faction for sure :D
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Re: Stealth vs Jamming

Postby quark036 » 22 Jul 2015, 18:28

Another possible route to go down is keep jamming relatively the same, but instead of just creating false images from one unit, spawn false images for every unit that is within a certain radius of the jammer, which would really hash up the opponent's radar, rather than just creating a few extra images.
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