Rules and Guidelines for the Balanceforum

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Rules and Guidelines for the Balanceforum

Postby Zock » 13 Jul 2015, 12:38

Welcome to the balance forum. This is a place where you can submit and discuss suggestions regarding the balance of the game and make balance mods to test them. Good suggestions may be picked up by the balance team and implemented into a patch in the future. Members of the balance team will always be looking over this forum for suggestions so please contribute! Even if your post is not directly replied to it will definitely be taken into consideration.

You can increase the chances of your suggestion being implemented by considering the following:

  • Keep both the changes and the presentation concise.
  • Get the support of other people, especially good players. If you and two others are the only ones supporting your idea, the chances are that it is not so good, or even if it is, it can't be implemented without upset.
  • If it attempts to solve a problem in a game (or you just want to point it out, e.g. claiming a unit being OP), prove that the area you want to change is really broken (unless there is wide consensus already)
  • Be aware that we can't implement changes that are too crazy, even if they sound good. The amount of change to the game should be in relation with the size of the problem - stay realistic.
  • Keep advanced programming requirements low, unless you can provide them yourself. The coding team is very busy, and requiring their time is an additional downside for any change that needs to be worth it. That does not mean a good idea will be rejected because it requires coding, but it will probably take longer than usual until it's done, and if there is an equally good one that doesn't, we'd probably rather choose that.
  • Many bonus points if the idea is already tested in a mod over a period of time with as many people as possible (more support of other people for the idea helps a lot here as well), and if there are replays of it where the changes are noticeable.
  • Ideas for changes that are not in the scope of the next patch may be picked up, but it will take a while until they can get tested or implemented (until they fit into the scope of another patch). Suggestions for the current patch are preferred.

It should be obvious, but I know for some it is not ;) - please follow the Forum rules and stay respectful and polite.

We hope for many great and realizable ideas that will allow us to improve the game even further.

The balance team.
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