ACU Upgrades: UEF

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ACU Upgrades: UEF

Postby C-Star » 12 Jul 2015, 13:55

I know that this was discussed a lot in the past but - as far as I know - there has not been a solution found yet. Due to the reorganisation of the lobby and a official balance-councilor (congrats Zock and good luck at this hard(est) job) i want to bring up this again, hoping that there might be some tests in the next balance-period. As topic says its about the UEF Com-Upgrades.

Especially the Nano is known as useless in comparision to t2 upgrade, and i dont want to repeat what was brought up so many times - i just want to recall it so its not forgotten when it comes up to changes. I personally like the idea of it becomming a pre-status to the shield, so you can have Nano -> personal shild -> bubbleshield. As the UEF is the "tanky" faction with HP superior to all other facions, i think the idea of a super-tanky ACU fits very well into this image. Just 2 cents on that.

Additionally i come up with a suggestion about the never-used teleport-upgrade. We know teleport use from Telemazer and sera and aeon sACUs. Mostly they are on sniping-missions against t3-Arty or SMDs, except some scus getting up nasty stealth-proxy-tml-bases.

And exactly this is the kind of task i think what the UEF-ACU could be good at: An End-Game Proxy-Base-Builder. It would be something very different to Cybran-Telemazer so it keeps up faction-deversity and could leed to very intense situiations. To do this, there might be an extra tool needed: A T4 Buildingsuite, with maybe 200-400 bp, and to make it more risky the reload-time for the teleport could be increased.

I have no specific proposals for the values and i haven't done any math because i want to suggest the concept, and if it is liked the values can be found later on.

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Re: ACU Upgrades: UEF

Postby yeager » 12 Jul 2015, 15:28

Uef isn't supposed to need tele snipe, it's meant to survive telesnipes. This is like the suggestion to give sera a t3 gunship do tye need it? Hell yeah, do they want it? Hell yeah, does that mean they will ever get it? Nope because although they could do with it the creators purposefully didn't put it in, this is just a disadvantage to the uef (which are few and care apart) so let it be
As for nano: just increase the health, case closed
Also while we are on the topic seraphim regen field should work for allied units
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