Patch 3703 Beta

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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Morax » 15 Apr 2019, 21:26

Morax wrote:Only thing missing from this patch is deleting Aeon.

Nerfing static structures is the way this game needs to go so it's back to the original joy of throwing massive robot armies at each other.

The whole "turtling to eco and win with the big toys" has plagued team games for too long.

So because you don't enjoy a certain style of play, it should be ruined for everyone else? A big part of the game is ecoing, of course people will do what they can to ensure they can eco. Throwing units at each other is just gifting away mass.

No, ecoing and controlling resources through territory is and always will be one of my favorite parts of this game. The issue I have is that it feels like that is the better option all the time. I think the amount of reclaim from wrecks should be reduced substantially so it's not silly to attack.

I don't want to do away with static, super weapons, but definitely would like to see much less reliance.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Farmsletje » 15 Apr 2019, 21:30

AFGHANPSYCHO wrote:So because you don't enjoy a certain style of play, it should be ruined for everyone else? A big part of the game is ecoing, of course people will do what they can to ensure they can eco. Throwing units at each other is just gifting away mass.

The game is balanced around competitive gameplay, or is atleast intended to do so. It isn't gonna be balanced around astro or dual gap. If you don't like that well tough luck on you, it ain't gonna change.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Waterfall » 15 Apr 2019, 22:28

Should immediately say that the patch a good. But there are a couple of ambiguous moments. This increased the usefulness of shields in all races will hit hard on the forward battles for the Cybran faction. I'd like to see something in Cybran to counterbalance that kind of shield enhancement.
Also notice that Scatis, generally worthless, then you clearly missed.
T2 air factory I think you can raise more on the cost of electricity, but you can't touch the price by weight.

Of course I would very much like to finally see an upgrade commander Cybran gun on the opposite shoulder, which would like other factions to improve and gun and T2.

That's all. Success in the difficult task =)

Должен сразу сказать что патч хороший. Но есть и пара моментов неоднозначных. Такое повышение полезности щитов у всех рас ударит сильно по передовым баталиям за фракцию Кибран. Я бы хотел увидеть что-то у Кибран в противовес такому усилению щитов. Так же замечу что Скатис, вообще хреновый, тут вы явно промахнулись.
Т2 воздушный завод считаю можно поднять ещё по стоимости электричества, но не трогать стоимость по массе.

Конечно очень бы хотелось наконец-то увидеть апгрейд пушки командира Кибран на противоположном плече, что бы можно было как у других фракций улучшать и пушку и Т2.

На этом всё. Успехов в нелёгком деле =)
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby EvanGalea » 16 Apr 2019, 04:56

I'd argue that the shields are not so much buffed as rebalanced. There will be some situations in which they are better, as it is more economical to use them in the t2 stage (I can see mobile shield before first t2 engi becoming more of a thing on smaller maps). But in a straight up fight between armies, the increased overspill can wear them down faster.

Balance team, if you feel that the bulwark is too survivable once it's shield drops as it can simply dodge and move back a little bit, why not simply decrease the bubble size? That way, it will have to stay further forward. I feel that part of what makes bulwarks strong (but not op) is that they can retreat to the cover of another shield boat quite easily. This would make that tougher, requiring more bulwarks to cover your entire navy, and make it easier to kill shield boats overall. I'm worried that the decrease to maneuverability and increase to size will cause more pathing problems (speed nerf I don't really care about tbh). I think being able to target and kill shield boats is fair, but not if it's because of pathfinding issues that (to at least some extent) can't really be controlled. Not criticizing, just curious.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby LabPunk » 16 Apr 2019, 10:11

Waterfall wrote:Of course I would very much like to finally see an upgrade commander Cybran gun on the opposite shoulder, which would like other factions to improve and gun and T2.

This won't happen, learn to t2 engie. Besides, Aeon has t2 on same hand as long gun.
We'll sooner get Cybran nano.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Calcarine » 16 Apr 2019, 10:23

Can you add some buff to cyb ACU to make it more Viable in mid-game?
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Wise Old Dog » 16 Apr 2019, 14:20

Cool patch, there's definitely some interesting stuff in here, kinda curious how much of this might stick and change when the full patch rolls out (scathis memes inevitable).

I'm just about finished with making a video; I'm covering the patchnotes to perhaps get some other people's attention to hop on and help out with testing the stuff. I'll put a bit of my input on the changes though it won't be too detailed, either way look forward to trying out all of the changes myself :D
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Conorach » 16 Apr 2019, 15:20

It's clear to me that there's a lot of work that goes into these patches and that you'll never make everyone happy with them.

Is there a way to harvest data from the replays in some way (eg # of units built per type etc.) that could allow us to do some analysis on the effect of a balance patch on the meta? It'd be a pretty interesting project for the community I think.

Either way, an iterative process is alright. No need to get it all 100% right in one try of course ;) Look at all the other games out there which release balance related patches every few months or even weeks! I'm proud of this community and all the work that is being put into keeping FA fresh and interesting!

I'm looking forward to try out the changes in some real games!

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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby AIx_Putin » 16 Apr 2019, 21:35

in short.
Dont nerf nukes so much. nukes must be harder to assist\speed up by 15% only.
Prices for arty should be higher - t3\t4.
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Re: Patch 3703 Beta

Postby Destructor » 17 Apr 2019, 03:06

We need to avoid these SETONS PLAYERS to make changes. Shitty changes Overall.
UEF and CYBRAN like always, being buffed. Aeon still a piece of Shit!

Mongoose are soo OP now, he is a fast unit, long range, excelent to make all t1 units, and now with a rapid muzzle, and less ramdomses, and u still can use the strongest ACU with them, making better PDT2 of the game, in front of battle with his main gun!!! (Seriously.... Who is the idiot that make this change?). Acu kills close combat units, and mongooses kill everything on his path!!

T2 LAND SHIELDS... Aeon should be more advantages, cause he dont have any single t2 long range unit. Maybe less Overspill, 3/4 of energy costs.

T2 CYB WAGNERS with 15 torpedo damage with the same range of t1 subs???? Nooo good nooo... the cost benefit of this unit just for naval propouses sounds better than t1 subs cause he have 3x more HP and costs less mass!!!
I agreed with this new damage, but should be nerfed the range of this unit on sea.


HARBINGER.... Still a piece of shit of all t3 units. Low range, low Hp, the only one t3 unit thats not submersible, and this option of reclaiming costs many time of micromanagment and fucks the Battle Formation.
TIP: instead reclaiming option we could use some kind of RECLAIMING AURA (Low reclaiming rate, but will reclaim everything on his path. Sound much better)

AEON T1 AA improovements, sounds good.

T3 ANTI AIR LANDS.... The Speed improvements are soo high, and now, again, and again we see changes to buff UEF. (Who is this idiot?)
Just UEF now have air RADIUS damage, and now, 50% better. Great idea!!

T3 Engies... Sounds good...

SCATHIS... Why dont transform this unit to an fixed arty?, he dont need move anymore!! 2000 range, 12 radius damage ???????? Are u fucking crazy??????

T2 air Swiftwind.... Another NERF to fucking AEONS... The main advantage of this faction that dont have long range t2 units, weak ACU to combat, soo everyone avoid to battle with him, soo on later games he dont have much hp of veterancy, no t2 bombers, shitty PDT2 without Area of damage (should be improved), and other things, NOW are the main advantage nerfed... his AIR combat. (Who is the genius that make this changes? Setton player?)

t2 Cyb Renegade... Agreed

T2 Ser Notha... Agreed, but his bomb still soo fucking slow, it's extremely easy to avoid them with acu. Suggest: More muzlle velocity or more area of damage!

T2 torpedo bombers..... Who is the idiot that make this changes?????? The only alternative to counter naval are t2 bombers when u loose your navy. Now... U dont counter anymore.
But we can be honnest... They can be more expensive.... But his vision radius should be greater.

t3 aeon Restorer... This AIR to GROUND are little better, but still not usable unit. Their energy costs are 50% more than other gunships, and zeealot AA missiles are a piece of shit chasing all of them the same enemy unit.
With the same mass u build almost 4 ASF that can kill one restorer extremely easy.
Suggest: 1 ZEALOT MISSILE EVERY 0.5 SECONDS, not 2 every 1 seconds that chase the same unit and u loose a lot of damage.

Other T3 improvements... OK

UEF NOVAX: His vision, radius, and other things are OK, but hiss actual damage is soo op cause shields overspill and time to recharge are soo long with this changes.

T2 SHIELD BOAT.... Still observing

T2 CYb Siren... Cybran T2 navy can kill easily other t2 navys cause they have high firerate, Siren and Destroyer.
Sooo, i'm totaly opposite to improve any kind on bennefit to this faction on navy.

T2 AEO BEACON.... Worst t2 CRUISER.... His main cannon should be improved, is the only naval that dont make expressive damage to anything. Maybe more AA, half zealot missiles with double firerate, and improve his range vision to 65.
His cost should be reduced cause he is an unit that dont make expressive damage. 15000E 1800M.

T2 AEO Destroyer... Still a piece of shit... His muzzle velocity is the worst of the game, allowing a single t2 destroyer of other factions can beat aeon navys soo easily, AEON miss almost every shoot.
Suggest... More area damage of this naval, to 3, half damage but double firerate.

t3 AEO OMEN... His muzzle velocity of his gun make this navy a piece of shiit too, almost double than T3 other factions... A couple of t2 can beat them extremely easily!!
The WORST RANGE of all t3 Battleships 110... UEF 150, Cyb 128, Seraph 128 ...
The Worst Muzzle velocity of all t3 battleships.
No area of damage.
Almost Same COSTs of others.
Less HP than UEF and Seraph.

TEMPEST.... No ones build this shit... His main mains muzzle shoot have the same speed of one tatical missile. Extremely easy to avoid them.

TMD aeon... Agreed.

T2 land HQ... Was good last version of costs.

T2 AIR... Agreed.

T2 artillery... minimum range to 35 sounds better.

Eye of Rhianne..... Just few players build this unit. Vision radius should be improved, but with 10 seconds of recharge time to see another point.

T2 radar.... Good... but need more HP, maybe 205, to avoid at least 1 bomber t1. Extremely weak.

I was wondering what this setton player was telling.
"OMG... Nuke is soo OP... We need to nerf him and f*** another strategy way to win"
Nuke build = 5 min with -40 mass. Its costs are sooooooo expensive... Than when u build some nuke, u f*** your energy income and mass... Than your enemy can make more air, more XP, more everything. Now... he is completly nerfed to make setons players happier.

Anti nuke = 4 min with -15M... Sooo, u can build them fast.
Nuke at same costs and everything.
Anti nuke... Same costs, but just 3.30 min to build anti missile. sligthly more HP, and this anti nukes silos should hold just 2 missiles, not 7.... People will need to build more anti nukes silos. at diferent places.

T2 SHIELDS.......

Now u put AEON with the WORST SHIELD EVER...
His bubble dont protect many things, and his main advantage was the recharge time, that just have a 3 seconds more fast than other factions.
Than, when u rise the overspill, T2 aeon shields now are a piece of shit.

And AGAIN... UEF are buffed a little more on his faction......
Seriously... who is this idiot that loves soo much UEF?!?!

REGEN AURA.... Some units are bumped and at same time they are restoring his HP? FACEPALM HERE.
Other mods are OK... I will observe.
Advanced regen aura... Need to observe.

AEON SHIELD... Sounds good.

Chrono Dampener... Shit upgrade of aeon... no ones use them.

Tatical missiles should me more cheaps, extremely easy to defend.
Wanna be more expensive??? Soo, change muzlle velocity to double.

Thx for all...
I really waiting for logical arguments to nerf ACUs.
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