How to use ACU on water maps

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How to use ACU on water maps

Postby codepants » 21 Jul 2020, 20:26

My question is just that: what's the best use of your ACU on water maps? Especially large ones.

On small ones, going gun seems okay, maybe even t2, as you could walk from island to island and make use of it.

On large ones, it can be quite a walk. Air dropping is of course possible, but I'd rather not rely on it because of the inherent danger. Even walking underwater can be dangerous unless you have Cybran torp com, and even then you still need air control.

Going tech seems like a waste as you could just tech up a factory you're actually going to use. With the ACU it's like... build your pgens and then wait until t3, build your t3 pgen and then wait until it's smd/arty time. You can assist with it but that's a lot to spend just to get 2 more engies worth. Lots of waiting = wasted upgrade.

RAS seems worth it but of course, that's not till mid or late game.

So... do you just use it as build power? I feel silly just leaving it in one place and having it assist things. It's not... natural... letting all that potential just sit there.
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Re: How to use ACU on water maps

Postby armacham01 » 21 Jul 2020, 23:23

Being in the water can be more dangerous OR more safe, depending on the situation. As the game moves on, it is normal for there to be large numbers of torpedo bombers. If they spot your ACU and send all of them in, you might just be dead. Also, destroyers are commander-killers. They have strong torpedoes to kill the ACU underwater and strong guns to kill it on land (just stay out of range of overcharge).

For Cybrans, the stealth upgrade is strong when you are underwater.

Using the ACU to secure an island (by walking through the water, or by comm dropping) can be very, very strong on island maps. TML ACUs can also be good. If you are afraid of being killed during a comm drop, try dropping in the water, away from their island, and walking the rest of the way.

If it's a map where I can use it to expand, I usually do that. It's just such a strong thing. I can defend my original island with a few tanks/PD which is the same thing I would do for an expansion island anyway. Roanoke Abyss is a "big" map (20x20) but it doesn't actually take all that long to walk your ACU between islands. Compared to the time it takes to build 6 pgens, an air factory, make a transport, load it, and send it, the ACU is actually completing that task in a decent amount of time.
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