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Countering ShieldCom

PostPosted: 04 May 2017, 04:10
by EvanGalea
I've been wondering for a while, how exactly do you counter/check UEF shieldcom?

I don't have any replays to show (yet) so there might not be much to talk about. In fact, I'm usually the one sporting it (and since the speed of reclaim was nerfed, I've noticed this particular upgrade a fair bit more).

On any team map my standard strategy is to beg for energy from my teammates, give my base to the air player, and then
Com-Bomb the nearest enemy base. Often with 2 early Percivals, Flak, and some t1, it's enough to punch through, especially since I like to attack people already under fire from teammates.

What exactly do you do to counter shieldcom, especially when it comes at minute 12?

Re: Countering ShieldCom

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2019, 05:18
by vineboy2004

Re: Countering ShieldCom

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2019, 12:25
if cybran, chestlaser on commander otherwise at the latest t3 units with any faction (groundassaultunits, t3 mobile artillery, strat bombers, gunships, if you are good use a group of t3 sniperbots with mobile shield for aeon or phim)
if aeon you may try a couple absolvers along with your army ...

if your opponent rushes torwards your base quickly build t1 PD

tacmissilesnipe or (appearantly this still works) beatle + transportsnipe

other than that ... try to have a good army ... t1 artillery of any faction seems to be useable at almost any stage (especialy cybran) with your assaultunits otherwise t2 fighter/bombers (especialy corsairs) or gunships, t1 bombers may require a high number for a snipe (like 30)

if you can maybe throw a powersnipe in somewhere to cause a powerstall and disable the shield before you then go for the comm

not sure bout mobile missile launchers cause the enemy commander has to remain still for them to reliably hit ..

Re: Countering ShieldCom

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2019, 10:21
by Rikai
Maybe ignore the ACU, focus down the flak and percies instead. ACU itself cannot really do much damage. Air player gets a few gunships. There is no way a single shielded guncom could survive for long in the enemy bases. T1PD, T2PD, Gunships, Other ACUs, T1 Arty spam.

Please post replays of it being successful. It does not sound to me like a winning strategy to me at all.

Re: Countering ShieldCom

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2019, 10:24
by Rikai
vineboy2004 wrote:logs

Nice necro, dude.... I didnt realize the post was 2 years old before writing an answer...