How to not suck against turtling players?

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Re: How to not suck against turtling players?

Postby KeyBlue » 04 Jul 2017, 01:58

Skriker wrote:Hi...
I also suck against turtling players. I bump into this guy quite a lot and he just sits in his base turtling... How do i batter down his eco before he gets t3 air? And also, what mod is he using? It seems to give him a big advantage

I actually made a 7 step how to win vs turtle guide:

How to win in the future?
Step 0 : Recognise that your opponent is a turtle and stop most unit production. (Switch to engies if you don't have many)
Step 1 : eco so hard that he can't possibly catch up (make sure to keep enough mobile units so he can't counter attack, not PD!!!)
Step 2 : Don't attack ever unless for the killing blow (cause the reclaim you leave will keep your opponent in the game)
Step 3 : Make sure you know everything he's doing at all times. (he controls only a small part of the map so you only need to look at that specific spot)
Step 4 : Get air control so you can't get sniped no matter what. Get t3 air when your eco allows it.
Step 5 : Once your eco is miles ahead of his you decide how you'll win: T3 land push, T4, T3 air snipe.
Step 6 : Win because your opponent can never survive your attack with the eco advantage you have.

If you don't have the patience/time for the eco and just want to kill him fast, then you need units that are great vs buildings : artillery and mml.
Be aware that this can be very risky and if done bad you could just have suicided and lost.

Attacking the turtle base is exactly what the turtle player wants, since he wants you to feed him reclaim.
So the actual winning strategy is not to attack, then all the pd and shields he build will just be wasted mass.

In your game everything went fairly well and even great until he got t3 gunships and killed all your stuff.
Now he had t3 air for a fairly long time before that happened, but you were in no way prepared to counter them.
This was mostly due to you not scouting his base at all. (step 3)

At the start you even made a dozen useless interceptors cause you didn't know that he didn't have any air.
So in the future always scout opponent base. You usually do this with 1st/2nd or 3rd unit from air factory being a scout that goes to opponent base.

If your opponent has t3 air, then you need to get t3 air yourself asap. There is no way around it.
General rule of thumb: always have same or higher tech level. (t2 air is an exception since t1 is fine vs t2.)
So instead of the super expensive t3 navy, you should've gotten t3 air yourself, and claimed air control. (see step 4)

Also you tried to do win with t3 navy (step 5-6), but you skipped step 1. And step 1 is crucial for all following steps.
Not getting an eco advantage loses you the game almost always.

Also don't get both t3 air AND t3 navy at the same time. It just doesn't work properly. Especially while being -250 mass.
General rule of thumb: if you're more than 50% of your income in the negative, make less stuff.
Best is to reclaim more or to eco a little more first so you can support your desired production. (make sure not to die while ecoing ofcourse)

Hope this'll help you in the future and if you have anymore question, just ask :)
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Re: How to not suck against turtling players?

Postby RocketRooster » 05 Jul 2017, 10:27

^^^^ I was just about to quote this lot. Brilliant advice.
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Re: How to not suck against turtling players?

Postby Mr Teatime » 06 Jul 2017, 09:15

Thanks KeyBlue. I will definitely follow that advice in future. Thanks for taking the time!
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Re: How to not suck against turtling players?

Postby EcoNoob » 06 Jul 2017, 14:13

Thnx for the tips!
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