Map and Mod Administration Appeal Process

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Map and Mod Administration Appeal Process

Postby biass » 20 Jul 2020, 15:45

Doing this on morax' behalf so if someone could pin this/move it to the announcements page that would be great.

The Maps and Mods team is changing the method we use to regulate content in the vault.
This post is made to explain to users how to appeal, and also to place what you need to see in a more visible location.

Spoiler: show
Previously, when a map/mod was removed, the admin would contact you in the client with a message explaining why it was removed, and provide you with a link to the MnM discord server if you wanted to appeal. This was the slowest and most fustrating part of the process, and for a while was outright not working if we had to use the TheSetoner bot to leave messages for offline users.

The speed at which offending content was hidden left many users feeling like they were singled out and targeted, and having to further explain the rules to each user was overly time consuming and impossible if faced with a language barrier.

So; we're no longer contacting users through the client.


First: You can see the reason for your content being hidden in the administration log.
The rules are here if you need further clarification.

Second: If you feel the judgement is injust, you can appeal in the #appeals channel in the Maps and Mods Discord, or you can choose to write a post to appeal the action here.

You may also request your content be hidden in these places as well.

Just some rules though:
While you can weigh in on appeals in either method, we ask that you only appeal actions made to yourself.
You can also appeal being banned here, but leave the discussion on the rules themselves to the relevant thread.

We're also going to delegate responsibility of each action to the team as a whole rather than an individual user. This means that the person handling your appeal might not be the same person who performed the action. Please feel free to ask for a second opinion if you still feel the action was unjust.

That's all, cheers.
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