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New Gap map

Postby Davax » 02 Dec 2019, 14:11

Ok, ok. Calm down. I know we all hate gaps maps, but this one might be solution to cure cancer plaguing our community. So idea was to take thing what players like from Dual Gap, and make it more open and without eco spot. Here game rarely end with gameender, and ecowhores lose in most cases.
Allready many players love this map, so i want to make it best possible, but i think I reached the limits of my skills, thats why i ask for help. How to improve my "Many Gaps 2"?
Many Gaps.png
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Re: New Gap map

Postby Little Miss Murder » 02 Dec 2019, 17:57

Quad gap! :shock: :o

I think you did a good job! In fact, it'd make a great 1v1 or 2v2 map imo. Make it adaptive if it isn't already. :D

Needs moar trees.
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Re: New Gap map

Postby Morax » 02 Dec 2019, 19:32

This looks just as turtly as any other gap.

Saske's "Dual Gap Reborn" is about the only one I have seen that drives more aggressive gameplay, due to more open area and increased mexes in the fighting regions.

Yours has larger barriers and terrain then most I have seen and will surely make choke point defense too easy.
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Re: New Gap map

Postby Davax » 03 Dec 2019, 02:17

Its not Quad gap, look closer, there is little bunkier inside where players spawn. Infact there is 12 (!) gaps here. In early game its imposible to secure external ring, so for example its easy to do drop on enemy mexes. Rememb every player have only 4 mexes inside bunkier plus 4 mexes outside, so if you enemy push you, you will lost big part of your eco. Hmm It might be good idea to make adaptiv map. But i will have to learn how to do it ;)

I know Saske's "Dual Gap Reborn", and on my map i saw a way more agresiv and tactical gameplays. There is few reasons:
1. My map is 20x20 not 20x10, there is much MORE space, it is hard to control and protect the whole area. Enemy on your side, hard turling? Team up with you ally and destroy enemy on second side of the map, or use transports to move units over mountain (almost impossible in saske map). With air superiority u can easly destroy a lot of mexes on enemy back e.t.c
2. There is a lot of mass to reclaim in middle its about 25k mass on every side. But reclaim is diffuse, it take time to reclaim it all. So its impossible, to win without controling huge mid area.
3. By my experience in this map turle players almost always lost. On this map games rarely end with game ender.
4. NO FUCKING eco spot.
5. In base ONLY 4 mexes.
6. In spawn bunkier there is only a little space. If you want ecoing u must use space behind base.
7. There is a lot of space behind bases, but everything there is exposed to atack.

About mexes: Previous version of my map have a lot of mexes in the middle, but i notice fact: loosing mid create situation, when losing side experience "slowing dead". I mean too low change of come back. My map allready have 100 games, durring this games i was balancing it to obtain good gameplay. You shoud try it.
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Re: New Gap map

Postby biass » 03 Dec 2019, 10:37

Davax wrote:but this one might be solution to cure cancer plaguing our community

Bad news for you, but that will likely not happen.

Davax wrote:without eco spot
Davax wrote:4. NO FUCKING eco spot.

You keep saying that, but i clearly see an eco slot right in the back there.


I don't expect a second player to want to funnel units through that incredibly tiny gap in the ocean when there is a ton of build space tucked behind the whole of 4 players bases to make T3 air (which for clarity, is the point of an eco slot)

A smarter team might instead choose to let front play passive on the choke mexes, give the middle player mexes outside of the spawn, and then let the eco slot have the back mexes AND the mexes for middle for a total of 12 mexes (plus rock chokepoint mex and underwater mexes) in their base.

Like in green: Image

Davax wrote: In early game its imposible to secure external ring, so for example its easy to do drop on enemy mexes.

I don't see why a team are unable to drop and hold mexes right outside their spawn whereas someone can fly the 15km distance and drop them "easily"

turtling players are just bad players, it's players who just flat out not make any real investment in defence (wall segments) and make eco that will ruin this map, it being 20km will make this worse, every single chokepoint makes this worse, the stupid long travel time to recommit units to one side or the other will make this worse.

As for appearance, which all gap maps are often renowned for, this doesnt make the cut, the middle mountain looks horrible and belies a lack of planning or use of space, the island mountains and the mountains in the back just dont have any texture, and the intense amount of greeble that i assume are an attempt at erosion appear hastily made. The ground texture blending is fine, and i don't know if you put down any decals.

I would consider making middle a part of the map instead of an ugly mountain, front players will have to contest that or else it will provide the navy? players another thing to do as well.
The random ponds of water in middle are out of place and i personally hate "hide acu/wagner and force player to make torpedo bomber" pond. If you make the middle a part of the map you could use that space for a ramp.

Open up the chokepoint to allow more navy to pass through on the sides.

That's all I got, personally i don't think anyone will create a new gap map because everyone trying it look down upon the demographic who plays it and keep trying to distort the formula.

One more thing, bragging about your play count is void if you're only hosting your own map and nothing else my man.
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