Bridges, passable by land and sea

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Re: Bridges, passable by land and sea

Postby QuantumTyphoon » 05 Oct 2019, 02:30

You asked me to add ai path nodes in faf client, I can't do that without uploading.

I tried deleting a decal, nothing happened. Then I stared at it for a while. Then it disappeared. I guess that's a java program, slow.

I can't even upload maps anymore, I keep getting errors. Like 500 server error. Later I get server can't read scenario name.scmap ect ra. I've tried renaming, updating version, nothing works. I looked at my previous maps that uploaded and they appear to be the same.

I visited discord as I started to write a response, it's like another set of forums but with a chat box. With a hole heck of a lot more annoying emicons, can you disable them all? I used search and found it to be very confusing, it's like reading through plain text rss feeds with emicons. No thank you.

Now to the original topic I started bridges passable by land. I modeled a aeon gateway in 3ds max and made it into a bridge. Then I made it into a mod. sigh... I then changed it to "orbital" and it bridged the gap, finally a bridge... Funny thing is it fills in the gap with earth creating a land bridge, but not a bridge that you can pass under..
This may make an interesting mod with the right map. As a player builds a building the other player can destroy it keeping them from bridging the gap..
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Re: Bridges, passable by land and sea

Postby Morax » 05 Oct 2019, 04:10

Quantum, you are misunderstanding me. Please go to the M&M discord where people can help you.

The pathing I was referring to is for general unit movement, not AI nodes.
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