How to alter values of unitweights by scripting?

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Re: How to alter values of unitweights by scripting?

Postby speed2 » 12 Mar 2018, 19:54

Im pretty sure I never wrote any code for damaging units in some area.

What do you mean by not working? Throwing error, not doing the damage?

I see you're hooking some function DamageArea, (I dont know where you're hooking it from), but you're not really calling it.

What you probably need, (or how I'd do it) is to ForkThread a new function that will periodically call the function that does the damage.
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Re: How to alter values of unitweights by scripting?

Postby Uveso » 12 Mar 2018, 20:51


the function from the 2nd post in this topic is maybe helpfull for unitcap/UnitWeight

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if UnitBlueprint.CategoriesHash.TECH1 then
     UnitBlueprint.General.UnitWeight = 1

But i don't know if this works in a map file.


"DamageArea()" is an c-engine function to calculate NUKE AOE damage.
FAF already adds a hook (file DamageArea.lua) to patch this function. (Nuke AOE damage is no longer blocked from shield HP)
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