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Re: Morax's Maps

Postby biass » 22 Nov 2018, 06:33

While no one is really known for taking requests, I highly recommend you make an individual thread for it. Also you could drop it into the maps and mods server (which is undergoing a total rework under the hands of ya boi)

Let people suggest some changes and hey, could make a mapping tournament out of the idea too ;)
Map thread:

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Re: Morax's Maps

Postby Morax » 04 May 2020, 18:11

Norfair 2020 Update:

1) Changing theme from lava to a rocky, everglade or a "sludge" one due to inability to visually communicate height map and features with the limited lava stratum set.
2) Optimization of the height map so there is no choke ups
3) Like Frithen update, add textures decals to highlight mexes, hydro, reclaim with a clearly discernible, contrasted color making it easier to play while zoomed out
4) Flatten out sloped terrain except critical areas where it's part of the map's mechanic (hard to explain with text)

Here is a preview of the conversion thus far, hoping to make 15x15 a relevant map size since 20x20 tends to be a "transport rush:"

Full album here:





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