Classic Maps People Love And Hate

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Classic Maps People Love And Hate

Postby mirddes » 26 Mar 2020, 03:54

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In the Java client, you will hopefully soon notice a new category of maps has been created, called "Classic Maps People Love And Hate" which will consist of all variations of some classic maps that due to their exemplary levels of consistency and tradition, you'll either love them or hate them, often depending on the mood.

classic maps people love and hate.png
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This is a vault which serves as a source of inspiration, to show people what can be done with the tools we have available. A lot of content gets uploaded to the vault, and oft it contains products that are individually worked on for far more time than those that will be shown here. A variant of this vault should be made for Survival maps to help filter through that content as well. Deriving inspiration from these classic maps will alone dictate content, as gameplay - among other things - will be a factor, but not the absolute driver.

How are maps selected? How do I get my map included?

Well, put simply: there is no real rule or necessity. It will be opinion-based, and very simple to impress. But for the sake of giving guidelines to those curious, here are several qualifications:

1) ABSOLUTE TOP QUALITY: Uniqueness - Any and all maps that are further entered must closely resemble the following maps: Astro Crater, Battle of Thermopylae, Canis, Dual Gap, Gap, Isis, Seton's Clutch, The Pass & Wonder. Changes in height map, textures, layout, resources, more players, etc, even extreme changes such as a complete overhaul are encouraged. The goal is to create a vault category full of variations of these simple, classic maps.

2) Classic maps with numerous variants: This, as it may seem self explanatory, is actually a testament to classics like Canis, Isis, Setons and Wonder with all the regulars thrown in. Maps like Canis and Wonder place no great emphasis on turtling, however, are great alternatives to simple, choke-point maps, and have some value. All similar maps under this classification will be accepted going forward as they are "inspired by classics" for a reason.

3) [Aesthetics]: Needless to say, an extremely high level of aesthetic detail and attention is a sure-fire way to get your map noticed. I would look at example like A_Procyon5 where it uses a diverse set of props (single, grouped), decals, textures, blends, and creative height maps that go beyond basic shapes.

Source: silly_noob's A_Procyon5
Procyon.png (128.94 KiB) Viewed 1849 times

4) [Gameplay Mechanics]: A paramount part of any map is how many options there are for gameplay. It is difficult to say what is good and what is not, but the biggest hint to be given: spoon-feed tons of mexes and hydros at the start; make them commanders and units fortify to secure your territory and actually have a real turtle war....

5) [Mapping Culture]: So many people have contributed to these maps over the past decade, and it drives us all to bring mapping to a much higher level. Some really nice ideas come out of this and new authors' names begin to be recognized. As time moves on, I hope everyone continues expressing their creativity and submitting more maps to the vault.

Anyone and everyone are allowed to submit ideas to the M&M team. Head to the M&M discord, contact someone there with a "mapping" role such as the "Maps Overlord," and see if your map will be considered."

Thank you morax for helping me articulate this.
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Re: Classic Maps People Love And Hate

Postby FtXCommando » 26 Mar 2020, 04:13

Do note this is something absolutely not currently supported by Morax and there are zero plans to implement this as a feature. It is little more than an idea.

I have no idea why you would ever encourage a culture of copying popular maps with this sort of idea when the current rules prohibit such things without author consent. There’s also the fact that adaptive scripts were mostly made in order to remove this sort of clutter from the vault. Basically, the whole point of the modifications to the vault over the last two years have been to discourage this behavior so there is near zero chance we’d put in a feature that then encourages it.

Also, Canis is an absurdly extreme turtle map so I have no idea why you cite it as an example of a map that isn’t. Your hint for good gameplay is anathema to actual good gameplay. Your map pick for good aesthetics is also pretty mediocre and looks like a generic 2/5 green map.
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Re: Classic Maps People Love And Hate

Postby mirddes » 26 Mar 2020, 05:24

Yes. this article is a creative piece and holds absolutely no weight of authority.

Where may i ask is the adaptive script which can be configured in lobby to spawn both 1v1 with a small handful of mexes and a hydro each OR at the other end of the spectrum 8v8 with 20 mexes and 3 hydros with overlapping adjacencies per player; a common eco theme in these Classic maps people love and hate.

honestly i just figured with it's inclusion in M&M canis must be doing something right.

as hinted in the post, applying the same idea to all of the survival and rush maps would be great for highlighting that aspect of the supcom experience whilst removing the clutter elsewhere on the vault

the maps concerned would consist roughly of

37 setons
150 gaps
23 wonders
28 canis
45 astro craters
50 isis
65 pass/thermopylae
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Re: Classic Maps People Love And Hate

Postby Farmsletje » 30 Mar 2020, 14:24

Just here to point out that in general blatantly copying older maps without the authors permission or uploading an edited version with the bare minimum of changes will not be allowed to be uploaded to the vault and will be hidden if seen.
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