Buff some T2 units speed and HPs.

Re: Buff some T2 units speed and HPs.

Postby Ze_PilOt » 11 Mar 2013, 10:25

We are not balancing toward realism but better gameplay, so this discussion has no place here.
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Re: Buff some T2 units speed and HPs.

Postby Raghar » 11 Mar 2013, 20:42

Ze_PilOt wrote:Battleships should be faster than frigates ?

Perry 29 kts (dash) vs Kirov 32 kts (unlimited).
Aka 4,100 tonnes is slower than 28,000 tonnes.

Looks like BCG can be faster than FF.

Kof wrote:MIG 21 - went into production in the mid 50s.
Max speed: 2,228 km/h
It had low drag thus it has smaller skin heating.
However it has bad maneuverability, atrocious landing speed, next to nonexistant range, no space for proper radar, low payload.

pip wrote:For me, Othuum having 2.5 speed and Rhino having 2.7 speed is ridiculous, because one has more than 6000 HP of armor and the other 1150HP. 0.2 speed difference is not enough. Now, the difference is 0.7 speed, it makes more sense.
But the first one has been made by these who gave hover technology to Aeon. It's T3 unit, and it should be in league of its own. Harbringer mk IV would murder Rhino, thus there is no reason why Othuum shouldn't be able to do the same. Rhino can run away from Othuum, but it can't run away from Harbringer mk IV.

I think assistance of T3 factories by T1 eng reduced T3 entry costs which is one of causes of T2 problems.

Actually is there any volunteer to try a mod that increases T1 eng cost to 123-128 mass (and appropriate rise in energy) and T2 eng cost to 252 mass?
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Re: Buff some T2 units speed and HPs.

Postby Golol » 22 Mar 2013, 14:14

i dont think the rhino needs a buff at all. its currently one of the best units in t2 vs t1 because it has no overkill and is pretty cheap...
and i dont think speed makes much difference in micro because your tanks will run into eachother and bump around that speed is not that significant.
basically, if a tanks hp dps and cost is fucked up, small speed buffs wont save it.
and actually i agree that t2 tanks should be slower than t1units. why?
t1: simple low tech units. light and fast
t2: not much more tech than t1, just bigger and heavier units
t3: advaced high tech units so they are also fast
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