Rules & Apply.

Rules & Apply.

Postby Ze_PilOt » 09 Feb 2013, 21:29

Like last time, the new patch will proceed through several steps until the 21 march.

- First, apply on this thread to propose a balance change.
If you were able to propose a change last time, you can do it this time.
If you have more than 1700 rating in 1v1 or in global, you can propose a change directly here (rapid summary).
If you are less than that, you enter your name here, and you will be submitted to a public vote.
You have to propose one custom map for the ladder when submitting your balance proposal. This is mandatory.

- Then (around the 15), I will create a thread for each change proposed.
You will have to provide some numbers, and defend your idea.
Users will be able to discuss them.
Unlike last time, as there were some cheaters, the votes will be done through the survey site.

- At the end of this month, the changes with more than 60% positive votes will make it into a balance patch. You will have 21 days to test and post replays about your concerns if you have any.
After that time, it will be too late for complain and you will have to wait 3 months to revert anything.
I won't have a lot of time to make these changes.
So if they are more than a simple blueprint tweak, you will have to give me the code !

After than test period and multiple possible tweaks, the balance mod will become patch 3622.
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Re: Rules & Apply.

Postby Mr-Smith » 09 Feb 2013, 22:34

well than lets start.
I would suggest a slight buff to the cybran ACU as it is realy paper.
maybe more hp regen(+20 or less, instead of +15) or something around +500hp.


map: battle of thermopylae v3

1905 global
1608 1v1
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Re: Rules & Apply.

Postby ColonelSheppard » 09 Feb 2013, 23:53

1850 Global (+/-)

I want to buff the "Billy" thats the tactical nuke upgrade for the UEF commander, an upgrade simple not used at all/no useable at all atm. This shell be done by either reducing the costs and shift it to mid/early late game or buffing it's effectiveness in late game. (it's currently defended by a single shields while you need 5T3 Pgens to only produce the energy for it not speaking of the mass..) More explanations when i'm asked to post them.

My custom map suggestions is: Moonlight Mesa
(the ladder map from season 0)
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Re: Rules & Apply.

Postby _PG_ » 10 Feb 2013, 03:22

My Proposal:
A toggle, kind of like submarines dive or climb command button to make UEF T2 bombers a dedicated fighter. They do it automatically now but only when there are no ground targets. They are not as effective as aeon t2 fighters so dont think they will be OP but would be pretty cool if you had the option to fold their wings in and make them a dedicated fighter to assist in a air fight.

Map proposal: Phenom Spartiate

Global:1618 (Max 1827)
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Re: Rules & Apply.

Postby heelix » 10 Feb 2013, 03:45

Proposal: When nukes are disabled, allow units like the T3 Cybran sub or the Seraphim battleship to be constructed - but not able to construct nukes.

My brothers and I often do random AI comp stomps, unranked, with nukes disabled. (I know, lame... but we enjoy it) Be nice to have those units as an option, even if the nuke portion was not usable.
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Re: Rules & Apply.

Postby rootbeer23 » 10 Feb 2013, 04:25

my global rating is 1740

the rolloff time for engis from cybran air factories should be the same as for the other factions.
map suggestion: hardffa.
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Re: Rules & Apply.

Postby Stratocaster » 10 Feb 2013, 09:30

I would like to apply for a balance change proposal.

1542 global rating - Stratocaster

I'm pretty confident that my small tweak idea will be a welcome change. I also have a good idea of what map to pick for the ladder pool, which is not another small land based map, yet should offer interesting action, strategy, and tactics. I have a very good understanding of current game mechanics and know this game's weak points, such as poor unit responsiveness; I would like to sort of address them at least a little, and my idea would make some units a little less frustrating to use and would maybe open up new strategies, making it viable to mix in with an army, and/or included in a regular factory build queue.

Not sure if I should outright propose them, without being qualified nor voted in yet.

Seeing how Ze_pilot is now closing applications and assuming I'm voted in, I figure I'll get a jump on my suggestions so he can make the new poll thread for it, without waiting on people who are being voted in:

Custom Map: Atol

A map where naval rush is very possible, yet the ACU is very useful in combat still. I would like to see how people fight considering faction differences, maybe frigs vs Aeon hover tanks? Sera t1 arty going around the outside to avoid frigs? Air to snipe the little resources there are. Naval to hold mid with TML? T2 naval? Forward acu along the outside? ACU with gun getting a critical OC on a naval unit? Making subs and surfacing them, to fight above water (if it has a surface weapon)? Land drops, using the skirts of the map? The return of the ghetto gunship? T2 ACU drops, making PD in enemy base? Very strategic map that will get people to think and rely on scouting, as there are so many diff strats. It's not so much skill and macro, as it's strategy and micro... I'm sure this map will inspire some offshoots to add more gameplay challenges, like making middle bigger and more strategic and adding corner islands, or adding more rocks into the middle water, for the ACU to stand on and fight off navy and to juke torps.

Balance change: Tweak to engineers to make them less of a headache (less clusterfuck, less traffic jam, and most importantly, less lag). T1 engineer swarms just don't work well with this game's pathfinding, but rather than eliminate them, my suggestion should address the problem with the game engine. The change will let people naturally build what they want to build. This change is independent enough that there isn't a need to consider what other balance changes there are (ie engy redesign). Being good at micro managing engineers and land unit pathing is a skill that people are only proud of in big FA games. :lol: This change may take away their advantage of being familiar and working around pathfinding sluggishness, but I feel it will make the game more enjoyable for its strategy, not for adapting to the game engine's nuances; this solution also would help remedy the scenario where someone's avoiding strategies, due to the game's nuances making it difficult (due to more micro and attention required) to get it started. IE clearing out room to build a big experimental, or building a t3 navy out of a small harbor, or growing a t3 base working with a small plot of land.

((This is just the summary. I will post about the method once Ze_pilot makes the vote official))
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Re: Rules & Apply.

Postby Myxir » 10 Feb 2013, 09:42

Brainwashed, 1992 global

balance proposal:
the Aeon ACU chrono dampener
reduce the costs from (mass: 2500, energy: 125000, buildtime: 1250) to (mass: 1750, energy: 52500, buildtime: 875) (mass costs reduced to 70%, energy reduced so it matches the same mass/energy relation as a weapon upgrade)

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Re: Rules & Apply.

Postby noms » 10 Feb 2013, 10:30

1614 global (max 1640). 167 ranked games (no 1v1s so my rating is essentially a 2v2 rating)

I play 2v2 isis almost exclusively and have good knowledge of higher tech units/strategies.

I would like to propose a balance change regarding the Scathis.

Map suggestion: Vale of isis
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Re: Rules & Apply.

Postby eXivo » 10 Feb 2013, 11:14

Reduce t3 stationary arty cost so that they're viable in 1v1 games

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