Supreme Destruction Hotfix Update #1

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Supreme Destruction Hotfix Update #1

Postby RK4000 » 14 Apr 2013, 12:44

This update mainly focuses on ACUs, fixing their bugs and adding two new enhancements. Sorry for the long delay, I just haven't found much time to work on the mod. Expect more updates in the future, though.


*Changed build time for Armor Plating lvl 1.
*Changed Armor Plating lvl1 HP boost to 9000 (from 8000).

Cybran ACU:
*Fixed bug with Advanced Actuators health buff not being removed when the upgrade was removed.
*Changed added armor from Advanced Actuators to 5000 (from 6000)
*Changed multipliers for turn speed, max speed, max brake, and acceleration to 1.15 (from 1.25)
*Changed Regeneration to 18, to keep it within current FAF patch values.

Aeon ACU:
*Moved Rapid Fabrication Nanite Generator to after you upgrade the T3 Engineering Suite.
*Changed Rapid Fabrication Nanite Generator buildpower boost to 90, to double the buildpower of the T3 Engineering Suite.
*Changed lvl 2 RAS so that it now produces 76 mass and 13400 energy, but for 3x the mass cost of old lvl 2 RAS.
*Added a 3rd level of RAS, which produces 120 mass and 19000 energy. Costs almost 3 times as much as lvl 2 RAS.

Seraphim ACU:
*Fixed Overcharge not taking armor into account properly. (was doing normal damage VS ACUs and buildings)
*Added a weak personal shield upgrade on the back (as a cheaper substitute for the regeneration upgrade)

Other fixes:
*Fixed veterancy system healing twice as much, as a side effect of it raising the maximum health by 2x, compared to normal veterancy. It now heals normally, except that it gives more maximum HP.
*(Hopefully) fixed desyncs. This still needs to be tested, and any desync problems need to be reported here.
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