Supreme Destruction ACUs

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Supreme Destruction ACUs

Postby RK4000 » 05 Jan 2013, 01:27

This was meant to be a separate "addon" for SD, but ZeP says it's not possible yet, so it's just straight integrated into the SD you play on FAF.

Here are the new additions/changes to the ACUs when using Supreme Destruction:

Zephyr amplifier has increased range
New upgrade tree:
LVL 1 Armor upgrade (+9000 HP) -> LVL 2 Armor upgrade (+59000 HP) -> Personal shield -> Bubble shield lvl 1 ->
-> Bubble shield lvl 2 -> advanced regen nanites (bugged for now, DO NOT USE)

Cybran ACU
Muzzle Velocity increased
Gun upgrade rate of fire boost doubled (now fires 3x per second giving a DPS of 300)
New upgrade tree:
Advanced Actuators (+5000 HP, increased speed) -> Teleporter
Microwave Laser enhancement aiming fixed (hopefully)

Aeon ACU
Base damage increased to 150 per shot for 150 DPS
Gun range upgrade now doubles range
Gun rate of fire upgrade doubles rate of fire
New upgrade tree:
Rapid fabrication nanite generator (increases build power) -> lvl 1 RAS -> lvl 2 RAS -> lvl 3 RAS

Seraphim ACU
Increased cost on Regen field, removed lvl 2 regen field health buff
Increased cost on auto repair lvl 2 upgrade
Increased damage per shot to 400
Halved the fire rate for a DPS of 200 standard

That's all for now, if there are any new updates to this, the list will be updated as soon as possible. Also as always feedback and recomendations are always welcome :D
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