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Re: Auto Recall

Postby tatsu » 09 Feb 2015, 14:06

Voodoo wrote:Hi, i want to talk about the auto recall feature. I also thought at the start "hey what a cool feature" but after some games ...
The problem is that people don't care anymore about their acu as they can't lose their avatar. Same for me, i'm just running with my acu into the
enemys base as i won't lose my avatar anyway. To say it's missing something now in my eyes, the fear to lose his avatar. It was way more interresting to play
GW when it was a fight about "life and dead".

Only my thoughts. What do you think?

yes of course the recall feature should be a well timed thing like teleportation, so that you have something to be on the edge of your seat about.
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Re: Auto Recall

Postby Hawkei » 10 Feb 2015, 08:56

Well I think I am coming around to RougeLeader89's idea. Having a 4th ACU slot for GW could make for a more interesting meta-game. As long as those other options are of comparable worth to Auto-Recall. It would also be neat if the ACU were given corresponding model variations (upgrade bones) and the strategic icons were different for each ACU variant.

Some ideas I have for upgrades are as follows:
- Auto Recall
- Auto Recall Jammer
- Advanced Micro Generator (increases initial ACU resource generation and storage. Allowing for more complex openings, increased economic development and OC without storage).
- Advanced Armour Plating (Provides additional HP).
- AA ACU (Provides ACU mounted, T3 capable, AA system).
- Personal Beacon Subsystem (ACU acts as beacon).
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Re: Auto Recall

Postby quark036 » 02 Apr 2015, 16:13

I really like that suggestion Hawkei, it doesn't make people play less, and it allows the possibility to try and kill a high ranked enemy, at the cost of your own safety (depending on how the jammer works).
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