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Postby Hawkei » 05 Feb 2016, 02:22

I’d have to say, from a personal point of view, that GW was much of the reason why I was involved with FAF back in 2014. Prior to this I was involved in ladder, tournaments, and the non-ranked matchmaker. Especially, the perpetual 4v4 Setons matches. The reason however, why I left, was that GW was the apitamy of everything that I was looking for in a Strategy Game. That I had not experienced before, or since. It was something completely new. It was essentially an RTS game within a persistent environment. A game within a meta-game. GW was the first attempt at an MMO-RTS.

Within our faction clan, there was much planning and discussion. We’d organised ourselves into squads, and executed grand strategies. This planning aspect, of a persistent strategical environment, was something which I really enjoyed.

GW games were entirely different to playing ranked ladder, because, it was a proper simulated combat environment where results mattered. There was no semblance of fair play or fairness. It was a gladiatorial contest. A gritty fight for survival… I can say from experience, that when I played GW, I played better. Much better. As I was extremely focused on my game.
I can recall anecdotal examples, where I made superb comeback moves. Such as when I beat ZLO in one game – even after he’d killed my teammate, and thrown hordes of RF at me. My macro-game was nothing like I’d ever played before… It was really intense! This could never have happened in ladder. That level of motivation, and fear, just doesn’t exist.

I can still remember the first time I killed a level 3 ACU. Everything was sharper in GW. More intense. More exciting… Nothing is more terrifying than launching into a countering defence, as a 1400 rank player, knowing that your opponent is probably rank 2100. There is something about this experience which makes a player sharper, and pushes them further.
After playing GW, everything else on FAF seemed quite dull. So I didn’t see the sense in hanging around. I really do miss it.
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Re: Galactic War 2.0

Postby Lieutenant Lich » 07 May 2016, 05:33

I have read the doc today and I will comment on it. I also have a few things to say below. I will edit as ideas appear.

1) There is a point on looking how Star Wars - Battlefront 2 did their Galactic War. NOT plagiarize, look for ideas.
2) On ranks and clans: It would make more sense, perhaps, to have clans with normal military ranks for all clans. System for awarding ranks is the same for all but clans are to encourage politics and diplomacy. War does not start unless some clan declares war on another, then the two sides draw in more and more clans... until it reaches all but few clans. Because as much as I like UEF, it has weaknesses that other factions cover perfectly.
3) Set a limit of players in a clan - 20. Enough to forge a strong group with everyone knowing everyone, their weaknesses and strengths and to not make any clans OP, like SGI, SIR, LDB, etc.
4) Have a player have an avatar and the rank as the nickname for Galactic War. Or have the player create an additional one.
5) Hide the real rating of the player... May be a good idea. More thought needs to be given to it. Poll here for everyone: ... e24eb375ae
6) Make up names for maps or put together maps similar in soil color, vegetation and terrain in a planet with several battlefields. The more maps make up a planet and the more players are on it - the harder it is to take the planet. I can assist and select ~100 maps of various size as well as classify, forming planets.
7) On attacks and victory conditions: A while ago I brought up an idea that a player can avoid being killed by leaving the planet through the Quantum Gate. Have a gate at some safe place on the map, a one-time teleport to the gate for the ACU that costs nothing and the fact that if one chooses to leave through the indestructible gate roughly in the middle of a map, the player abandons the planet. If he is the last one there - the planet is lost to the clan.
I think this'd be good considering the point I am making below.
8) Once a player is K.I.A. - he is out to the end of the war, he may not play any games. This should add spice to the game.
9) Some time limit must be imposed on GW - like a month or so, no more. If it does not end after 28 days - then the clan that is closest to dominate the galaxy wins and gets a "GW Winner" avatar, which is the clan's symbol on black background.

I will make changes as time passes by.
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Re: Galactic War 2.0

Postby Phelom » 17 May 2016, 11:56

I like to see GW :(
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