Shared Armies Mod

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Shared Armies Mod

Postby Sheeo » 14 Sep 2014, 17:55

So this has been up, but not very well known, for a while. To get the ball rolling and do some follow-up'ing on this I'm making this topic.

Through some quite awesome reverse-engineering work by Eximius, we have enabled shared-armies for Forged Alliance.

The binary modification and corresponding mod can be downloaded from here:

The UI-mod currently allows you to share your army with allies, and switch control to allies who have shared their army with you. Ideally, this would be integrated as a lobby option so coop-1v1's can be initiated directly. That requires a bit more work though.

For the technically inclined

It works by hooking the engine function "LoadSavedGame", injecting some code that modifies an internal list of allowed command sources for the given army. The call is sim-side, and thus is called through a sim-callback, where the proper cheating validations are made.

Any ideas/sketches for how the lobby UI should work with this would be greatly apreciated. Would be nice if Xinnony himself would like to contribute :)

Have fun killing cooperatively.
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Re: Shared Armies Mod

Postby Argon » 13 Dec 2016, 17:24

Hello Sheeo!
Does it work now? I watched one Gyle cast when teams had one ACU and so one army and controlled it collectively. It was made by use of cheating. I think having game mode with such functionality but without cheating would be epic. It wold be like entire team sitting at HQ and collectively controlling army at battlefield. You don't need to have duplicated t2/t3 HQ factories to build units, roles are separated: one player focuses one eco, other on micro, another one on intel/scouting/danger detection and so on.
That's a new level of cooperation! And that could be awsome!
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Re: Shared Armies Mod

Postby Zavindur » 23 Apr 2020, 02:09


I redid the mod to work with the latest version; called shared armies 2

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