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Re: Units import/export to Blender

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2016, 17:30
by Dudekahedron
Hi guys, sorry the delay; thanksgiving!
I've been using a mix of blender and to get the file formats. Blender for the UVing to png, and then for dds and whatever little corrections. I've accidentally been using dxt5 saves.

but if you are using photoshop with a nivdia plugin theres an option to invert the y value - maybe try something like this

This is a good idea, I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before! I just tried (with, same effect as the blender method) and I got a slightly more correct shading result, but still a bit whack.

i dunno what crtl n does so yeah

Ctrl n just recalculates which side of each triangle is the "outside" for a model in blender. Because models are basically made of 2 dimensional shapes (unlike the real world) most modelling programs need to have some sort of way to distinguish between the inside and outside of a model. It comes from vector/geometry math. The outside surface will be the way a "normal" vector points.

Judging from how inverting the bump map sort of worked, I'm guessing I did something wrong along the way. I need to re-texture the thing anyways because of how tank tread animations work in this game.