So, I made an AI for FA

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Re: So, I made an AI for FA

Postby speed2 » 29 May 2016, 08:15 ... es.lua#L14

First question mark is one of these:
  • 'Attack'
  • 'Support'
  • 'Artillery'
  • 'Scout'
  • 'Guard'
  • 'Unassigned'
What it does? That's a good question :D So far what I've seen was if I made a platoon with multiple units, and they were in formation(second question mark) unit's that were marked as 'attack' moved in one group, those with 'guard' in second. So that split the platoon into two groups. Problem I had with that was that 'guard' units were usually faster (cruisers, subs, shiels) so they were always in front of 'attack' (destroyers, frigates, tanks).

It should be handeled here? So if you feel like investigation what it does and explaining it I'd be happy.

Second question mark is formation. There are currently 3 formations used in FA:
  • 'AttackFormation' - Wide formation
  • 'GrowthFormation' - Compact one
  • 'None' or 'NoFormation' - self explaining
Vannila supcom had more formations. From those I remember: 'ChevronFormation', 'TravellingFormation'. There are all the fancy formations. They do work in FA as well, so if you really want them, feel free to do so, but I agree with GPG here and things that Attack and Growth are more than enough ^^
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Re: So, I made an AI for FA

Postby Sprouto » 29 May 2016, 20:31

These are 'squad' designations. By themselves, they have no particular meaning. They simply allow you to give unique orders to groups of units inside a platoon. For example, you could give a move order to the Attack units, an attack move order to the Artillery squad and an assist order to the Guard units.

When the platoon, as a whole is given an order, the squad designations don't do anything, the platoon will form as you would expect of the whole group, but you can give individual movement orders to the squads, with different formations. Here is a sample command;

IssueFormAggressiveMove( platoon:GetSquadUnits('Artillery'), waypointPath, 'AttackFormation', 0)

Hope this helps answer your question
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