Specific Issues Needed?

Post here if you want to help developing something for FAF.

Specific Issues Needed?

Postby Thim » 18 Apr 2016, 01:47

This is in responce the "FAF Needs You!" post. I am a professional (albeit young) programmer who's been modding FAF since highschool, so I can probably be of assistance to you guys, but I was always focused on silly mods and other personal projects that amused me but would be useless to anyone else. If you guys have some pressing issue you need a hand width, I will happily put down whatever me and my buddies were playing with for the sake of something the whole FAF community is waiting on. Was there a task you needed another hand for, or was it just a general recruiting call? I can't promise my commitment in the very long term.
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Re: Specific Issues Needed?

Postby Exotic_Retard » 18 Apr 2016, 02:48

we need everyone we can get!

currently there are a couple of pressing issues that need to be resolved, as well as a whole suite of projects being worked on.

a good place would be to look at the issues list on github, if you fancy doing oddjobs and such.
of which, these specifically are holding back the release of the beta patch.

-we are developing a new website for faf, so if you know about web development you can talk to blodir about that.
-if you know about modding and game code/lua then you can ask icedreamer about getting the Blackops mod updated and working for FAF.
-if you know python then you can help out y developing the client itself, i would talk to sheeo about that.
-Aulex is working on an API for the server so if you are interested in that, ask him
-the most pressing issues right now are the partial outages of both the mod and map vaults. i believe they require a client patch to be resolved. Sheeo is the person to ask about that.
-if you happen to be fluent in a language (ES/IT/FR/RU) , we have translations of the game which need to be maintained for faf.

in any case, you need to get hold of sheeo since he can invite you to the faf slack chat where you can ask any questions and get help in setting up your environment.

for anyone else reading this, there is no such thing as not having enough knowledge! all you need to do is be interested in helping and learning, and we will teach you! so dont be afraid to ask either the developers or anyone in [e] clan for assistance, or questions about contribution
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