Coop: Mixed unit patrols

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Coop: Mixed unit patrols

Postby KeyBlue » 24 Mar 2016, 22:25


I was trying to make a simple mission on Theta Passage, based on the FAF wiki and speed2's recent coop mission making video.

I want to make a mixed unit patrol of mantis and medusa.

    According to the FAF wiki the following line of code would produce something similar to what i want:
    Code: Select all
    opai:SetChildQuantity({'Bombers', 'Interceptors'}, 8) - Platoon of 4 Bombers and 4 Interceptors

    The problem is using this line of code gives me 8 bombers and no interceptors.
    So i'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if the code doesn't work anymore due to recent coop changes?

Another problem I have is that I don't know the code to spawn Mantis while using this method.

    'LightTanks' doesn't seem to work and I can't find an appropriate equivalent in the FAF wiki.
    So it would be nice if someone could tell me what it actually should be, or even better were I can find this information.

I added my current progress in the description in case you need more information.
Current progress on my theta passage mission
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Re: Coop: Mixed unit patrols

Postby speed2 » 25 Mar 2016, 15:46

It will be better to not send bombers and inties in one group anyway since bombers would most likely fail to drop bombs when flying in formation with inties.

Possible combinations can be found in
Code: Select all

All available combinations are in PlatoonBuilders of ARMY_1, then look like this:
Code: Select all
['OSB_Child_AirAttacks_T1Platoon1'] =  {
    PlatoonTemplate = 'OST_AirAttacks_T1Platoon1',
    Priority = 693,
    InstanceCount = 3,
    LocationType = 'MAIN',
    PlatoonType = 'Air',
    RequiresConstruction = true,
    PlatoonAIFunction = {'/lua/ScenarioPlatoonAI.lua', 'DefaultOSBasePatrol',
    BuildConditions = {
        [0] = {'/lua/ai/opai/airattacks_editorfunctions.lua', 'AirAttackChildCountDifficulty',
        [1] = {'/lua/editor/amplatoonhelperfunctions.lua', 'AMCheckPlatoonLock',
    PlatoonData = {
        {type = 5, name = 'AMPlatoons', value = {
            {type = 2, name = 'String_0',  value = 'OSB_Master_AirAttacks'},
            {type = 2, name = 'APPEND_PlatoonChild', value = 'OSB_Master_AirAttacks'},
    ChildrenType = { 'Bombers', },

if there are more children in ChildrenType, then you cana use that combination. So after quick look I found that it's not there for inties and bombers. I guess I could try to add it and see what happens.

For mantis try 'HeavyBots'
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