enabling mods in lobby

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enabling mods in lobby

Postby Farmsletje » 25 Oct 2019, 01:18

If you want to add a mod to the game you're hosting you can only do it if everybody currently in the lobby has the mod. In moderately full lobbies this often results in either kicking everyone to enable the mod (even though often only 1 or 2 players miss it) or just straight up rehosting since thats easier because people rejoin after the kick which will result in still not being able to add the mod. Meanwhile if you change to a map that someone doesn't have you still are able to switch to said map but the lobby gives you a warning who doesn't have the map and those players can see it for themselves as well.

I don't really see why it doesn't work this way for mods as well. It seems like it will prevent a lot of annoyance.

Also as a small sidenote: Since a recent patch you get a confirmation when you click on the 'default settings'
It would be REALLY nice if you could disable this, either in the settings or just with a normal "do not ask again" checkbox since it's quite the unnecessary annoyance for anyone but new players.
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